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Celebrity Influencers

Aside from celebrities bringing us entertainment through music and movies and whatnot, these celebrities are actually using their fame for more than just that. Between Empowering women, embracing “black girl magic”, fighting…

A Messy Person in A Marie Kondo World

I’ve been messy my whole life. Growing up not a day went by that I didn’t get an earful from my mom about my room. She told me I was like a…

5 Essentials for Spring 2019

1. Perfume Most people associate spring with sweet, fresh, and floral scents. Set your tone for the day with a perfume that matches your style. Great perfumes that can make your presence…

Packing The Essentials

  Spring break is quickly approaching and whether you’re the type of person that makes a list to check a different list full of other lists you need to check, or the…

Fake Holiday, Real Fun

The big weekend is upon us. Fake Patty’s Day is on Saturday, March 2. It’s one of the best college parties in the nation, and we are lucky enough to have it…

How to Celebrate Black History Month

Every year it seems like black history month comes and goes and we see the same MLK Jr. quotes posted on Instagram, but black history month should celebrate a much deeper message.…



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