When in Denim, Wear Denim

We can all agree that in 2018, we stand denim. Denim has made its way back into the wardrobe of every thrift shopper, hipster and trend setter’s closet. In the beginning, it…


Portland Fashion Week

Portland, Oregon, home of one of the most premier fashion weeks on the West Coast, just wrapped up its seventh annual runway show this past weekend. FashioNXT does not fall too far…

A Cereal Killer and a Spoon

What do you get when you cross a cereal fanatic and an empty wall? The answer is Spencer Fortney. Since last year, amazed by the wide variety of cereal options, Spencer made…

Inside look at KCFW

30 talented designers, hundreds of models, style teams, professional photographers, and a group of dedicated staff can all give a unique perspective of the Kansas City Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19 shows. Months…

Owning Your Alone Time

In a world that is constantly moving and changing, we often don’t take the time to remind ourselves to slow down and just be. We are conditioned to believe that we have…

The Great Outdoors

Kansas is filled with beautiful vistas and landscapes that are just waiting to be found. Some coin it a “flyover state,” meaning we get to keep our natural wonders to ourselves. Kansas…

Beneath the Surface

All ages, races, economic classes, genders and sexual orientation   know the overwhelming feeling of drowning. Time and time again, people admit this. Somehow, it has become a universal feeling and still…

Family Matters

At the beginning of every football game in the Bill Snyder Family Stadium, K-State fans will look toward the student section to see them holding the giant banner with “family” sprawled across.…



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