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Unplug and Explore

Between COVID-19, online classes and social media addiction, realizing the importance of stepping back from screens and experiencing nature is vital. Whether that be going on a hike, camping, exploring or just…

Addressing the Stereotypes

As stereotypes go, nearly everyone is painfully aware of the stereotypes placed on groups of people, especially when the stereotypes apply to themselves. The stereotype I want to address today is the…

Braves World Series Win

After the Atlanta Braves won the world series against the Houston Astros, the meaning behind the win is more meaningful than most realize. The history of Atlanta sports is one of heartbreak…

Ranking Celebrity-Endorsed McDonald’s Meals

Although I am not the biggest fan of McDonald’s, I find myself there every few months craving their salty fries after a long night with friends. My own parents love McDonald’s, partially…

Top 5 Up and Coming Country Singers

With the country music industry divided between Nashville radio country and Texas red dirt country, there are more avenues opening up for country music singers to make a name for themselves. With…

Mullets and Mustaches

Mullets and mustaches are sweeping the nation by storm. It seems that everywhere you look, someone is rocking a mullet, a mustache or both. (Full disclosure, I am also one of the…

Life as a Classy Cat

Jenna Gillespie, a sophomore majoring in Business Operational Management, is in her second year as a Classy Cat. Growing up, Gillespie knew she wanted to be a Classy Cat, and every weekend…

Monochrome Syndrome

The monochromatic trend is nothing new, but is on the rise yet again and stronger than before. Monochromatic looks include the use of only one color, often in different shades or tones.…



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