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App Wars: Delivery Edition

Looking for something fast and greasy, or maybe something a little more classy? There’s an app for that. In Manhattan, Kansas the delivery options are endless. Depending on price and convenience, Manhattan…

5 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

What if I told you that whatever you wanted, you could have?  Did something come to mind? You may feel like it’s out of reach, but hopefully I can show you that…

Love At First Swipe

Are you ready to start dating but don’t know where to start? With COVID-19, many of our love lives have come to a halt. We can’t go out to meet people, whether…

Take a Bite… If You Dare!

Nothing sets a Halloween party apart like having the perfect snacks to go with it. This year, try these spooky snacks for your guests! Bubbling Cauldron Let’s start with appetizers. This cheesy,…

The Science Behind Political Rage

Lately, politics dominate every aspect of American life. People argue certain sides of politics are right and wrong or good and evil. By taking politics personally, people instigate their fight or flight…

Things I Tried While Stuck Inside

Skills we picked up in quarantine Did you find yourself becoming bored, itching for something new to do in quarantine? Did you search for new hobbies, pick up old ones or try…



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