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Nordstrom Introduces Recycling 

Walking down the aisles of Ulta with the product spotlights glowing, every mascara, hair mask and perfume is begging to be tested and taken home. It’s hard to resist great packaging with…

Meal Prepping on a Budget

A typical college week can usually be filled with classes, homework, club and organization meetings, socializing, and so much more. It can be hard to find time to stay home and cook,…

Matcha Madness

I have recently started getting into matcha. Before, I was always ordering chai lattes, but one day I just decided that I wasn’t feeling it. For those of you who don’t know…

Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing according to your body type is far more important than the shape of your body. Essentially, dressing for your body type just means balancing your outfit with your body. If you…

Chai Hunting

Deciding on where to get the best chai among Manhattan’s many coffee shops can be a challenge. When thinking about the best spot to get a chai you need to think about…

The History of Clutches

You would be surprised at the complexity of clutches in history of fashion. Yes clutches, the little handbag? What is the pattern to their popularity and what meaning do they carry?  Closely…

Spring Break Ideas for Students on a Budget

If you, like almost every other student with limits to their bank accounts, are having trouble finding affordable trip ideas for spring break, look no further. From personal experience, roommates, and a…

How to Style a Charcuterie Board

The Board The very first step to styling a charcuterie board is, well, the board itself. Now you don’t have to have anything fancy. Any tray, slab of wood, cutting board, or…



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