The History of Clutches

You would be surprised at the complexity of clutches in history of fashion. Yes clutches, the little handbag? What is the pattern to their popularity and what meaning do they carry?  Closely…

Spring Break Ideas for Students on a Budget

If you, like almost every other student with limits to their bank accounts, are having trouble finding affordable trip ideas for spring break, look no further. From personal experience, roommates, and a…


How to Style a Charcuterie Board

The Board The very first step to styling a charcuterie board is, well, the board itself. Now you don’t have to have anything fancy. Any tray, slab of wood, cutting board, or…

V-Day in MHK

The day of love is fast approaching on the calendar. Valentine’s Day is famously known for being cheesy, fake and simply an excuse for stores to charge you more for pink and…

Slay In Your Own Way!

Author: Hadley Woods Individual style is creating a look that’s unique to you. Whether that’s a staple clothing item, your go-to lipstick, jewelry, or shoes. It’s an expressive way of developing a…

In With The Old

Rummaging through cardboard boxes and dusty white trash bags may not be the ideal way to find a new outfit, but when my grandma recently moved from her house she lived in…

Euphoria Review

Looking for something Euphoric? Well then take the weekend to dive into HBO’s hit drama series Euphoria. The show, rated TV-MA, follows the lives of several teens who are all struggling with…

Emily in Paris Review

Netflix’s Emmy nominated romantic comedy series Emily in Paris has captured audiences’ attention with the quirky fashion and thrilling love life of main character Emily, played by Lily Collins.    Emily in…

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating: A term you have probably heard by now, coined by two Registered Dieticians in 1995 by the names of Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Intuitive eating, according to Tribole and…



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