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From Cowboy Boots to Suits

When thinking of the best places to shop, Manhattan, Kansas is not a town that usually comes to mind. Although Manhattan is not known as a hub for trendy clothing, there are…

10 Must See Halloween Movies

Ahhhh Halloween. The time for pumpkin carving, scary movies, and costumes. It’s the most terrifying time of the year, and it would not be complete without the classic Halloween films we all…

Why Is Coming Out So Hard?

I’m bisexual. See that wasn’t so hard from the comfort of my home, behind a computer, knowing that my name won’t be printed with this article. Now in the back of my…

What’s All the Hype With Astrology?

Overheard this week: “Oh my god you’re such a Leo.” “Wow that was so Pisces of me.” “Are our astrological signs compatible?”   And yes, I am guilty of saying all of…

How to Keep Those Fresh Kicks Clean

This year, I decided  to buy two pairs of white shoes— I can keep one pair clean and I can actually utilize the other pair to go out and about. At the…

Caturday Outfits: Pops of Purple

It’s Friday, meaning it’s time to plan your Caturday outfit for tomorrow’s football game. Purple pride is all about spirit and style, so Manhappenin’ has ideas to help you look like a…

Social Media Anxiety – It’s Real

Picture this: You’re hanging out with some pals. Everyone decided to take a photo because that lighting is just right, so naturally, you assume prime-angle-position. The first one wasn’t good enough, the…

When Will The Suicide Stop?

Suicide Awareness month is a time to not only remember those we’ve lost, but to spread awareness about suicide prevention, depression, and mental health. Hearing the words “Tom committed suicide last night”…



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