Books For Your Quarantine

I honestly cannot remember the last time that I was forced to sit and do nothing. Just imagine what those in an isolated quarantine must feel like. Don’t take this time in…

Study Abroad Horror Stories

From realizing Italy doesn’t have ranch, to being followed home by a strange man We all see the beautifully filtered and angled photos posted by our friends who are studying abroad. Did…

I Tried Boxing for a Month

I’ve always wanted to try boxing to feel the power, drive, and adrenaline that I had heard friends describe, so I finally did it. This semester I enrolled in Boxing 101 through…

Male Birth Control: Why is this a foreign concept?

Ever since Charles Goodyear (as in Goodyear tires) invented condoms in 1885, science has been pretty slow to make advances in the male contraceptive department. A man carries enough sperm to impregnate…

Getting Out of a Pickle: Food For Thought

  The toe prints in my slippers can attest to days spent in and out of bed feeling stuck inside my own thoughts. It sucks to be in a rut, pickle, jam,…

The Future of Music is Female: Part 2

February is a month dedicated to African American people to celebrate and remember their history and culture. It also recognizes people who are currently changing the game for black women like artists…

Coronavirus: World Tour

As much as we’d love to pop a lime and let ourselves have summer, it’s not a Corona time. At least not drinking wise. The new outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV)…

A True Guide to Self Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, do you know what that means? This is the day for you to truly start loving yourself. In our crazy busy lives filled with endless commitments and responsibilities, we…



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