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DUNE Movie Review

After watching the new DUNE in theaters and through streaming, I highly recommend you watch DUNE in theaters so you can lean back, munch on some popcorn and get out of the…

DIY Christmas Decor

Having trouble finding cute and affordable Christmas decor? You are not alone! With increasing prices and a plethora of decor to choose from, figuring out how to decorate your home is a…

KCFW Interview with Gracie Key

What was your inspiration for your collection? “My inspiration started with [an] interest in color blocking, specifically color blocking with scrap fabric. I took inspiration from designer Daniel Fletcher and his creative…

A Guide to Festive Drinks

As college students, we rarely have time to cook meals for ourselves, let alone concoct our own fancy drinks. Since winter break is coming soon, though, and many of us will have…

Senior Farewell

All good things must come to an end, so they say. But, for me, this is really my beginning.  Hi, I am Holly Delay, a senior studying Mass Communications and Art at…

Winter Dates

Winter is a magical time of year filled with holidays, loved ones and festive lights with snowfall. Whether you want to cozy up inside with a fuzzy blanket or venture out into…

From The Fall Print Issue: Causing A Scene

Dive into Manhattan’s music experience through an organization dedicated to supporting the local community, and through the artists they’ve promoted.    MHK Music Scene:  Discovering an underground band, sharing new music with…



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