Men’s Winter Fashion

‘Tis the season to wear warm clothes, drink hot chocolate and give back to the community. Cold weather is no stranger here in Kansas, where the wind pierces your face and the…

Not a Minute to Waste

Leah Willhite’s debut CD, which releases in January 2018, is called “Wasting Time,” but Willhite herself is not squandering her hours, minutes or seconds. Willhite, freshman in life sciences, maximized her time,…

Refashioning the World – Annabelle Frese

Note: See the second half of “Refashioning the World,” featuring local designer Rebekah Mally, in our fall issue of Manhappenin’, available around Manhattan. Annabelle Frese, senior in apparel design and production, recently…

Bleached Out Flannels

Sara Eskilson, sophomore studying marketing and minoring in advertising, has spent the last year operating her own bleached flannel business. “My mom started her own business back in 2012, so I’ve always…

What Your Shoe Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by their footwear. Are you a trend setter, more laid back, or full of determination? Read on to see what your favorite pair of…

Top 10 Scary Movies To Watch In October

October is when classic scary movies make a comeback and when cuddling up to have a marathon almost every night is totally acceptable. With so many options that’ll make you cringe, we…



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