Roadtrip Jams 2018

“Roadtrip Jams” was created just for you. You’ll find a wide range of songs such as current hits, throwbacks, electronic, hip-hop to discover and reminisce along to these feel good vibes. The playlist…

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Spring Break

Tired of the clothes you’ve worn a million times, but don’t have the cash to renovate your closet? I feel that! Good news is there are so many opportunities for you to…

Long Live Lent

Barely scraping by on meat-free Fridays during Lent? You’re not alone! Many people find this to be even harder than what they choose to give up during the 40 day period. Meat…

The Fry Challenge

Watch as some of our Manhappenin’ crew takes on the Fry Challenge! They are putting their taste buds to the test and trying fries from McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, and Freddy’s. For…

7 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making

Skincare is a deeply personal journey and what works for one person may produce completely different results for another. That being said, if you’re at your wit’s end trying to fix a…

7 Must-Haves in a Guy’s Apartment

The Necessities You Need to Upgrade Your Space Finally, you moved out of your parents’ house into your own apartment. But, your apartment seems a bit….empty. Our homes are meant to be…

The Power of Black Panther

Marvel studios’ ‘Black Panther’ is not the typical superhero movie everyone expected, acknowledging and discussing hard-hitting topics and focusing more on the development of characters rather than the overall fight and explosive…

DC March Experience Story

Our nation’s capital stole my heart nearly six years ago. Aside from the enveloping museums and breathtaking monuments, what really sold me on the city was the gigantic Chili Festival that my…



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