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Beneath the Surface

All ages, races, economic classes, genders and sexual orientation   know the overwhelming feeling of drowning. Time and time again, people admit this. Somehow, it has become a universal feeling and still…

Family Matters

At the beginning of every football game in the Bill Snyder Family Stadium, K-State fans will look toward the student section to see them holding the giant banner with “family” sprawled across.…

Comeback ‘Cat

Even with all the challenges life has thrown his way, K-State wide receiver, Byron Pringle, manages to find a way to face every single one of them with a contagious smile and…

Aesthetically Instagram Worthy

As a high school student when we started our Instagram accounts most of us started with posting random photos of our food, dogs, shoes and sometimes, one too many selfies. As we…

Peep These Popsicles

We don’t have to tell you twice that summers are hot – especially in Kansas. But don’t sweat it, because we’ve got you covered. Here are some homemade popsicles that can be…

Coffee Shop Vibes

Coffee has been a social commodity and luxury since ancient times. It has caused an uprising of coffee houses and roasteries across the world since the public got ahold of its magical…


Something about spring brings a yearning to escape. The cold is gone and the new warming sun causes a restless heart. It’s time to shed the layers forced on by winter and…

Intimate Ink

The grungy, smoky, dungeon-like tattoo parlors of past decades are no more. Today, shops like Manhattan’s Syndicate Tattoo and Black Mammoth Tattoo are as warm, welcoming and trendy as a used bookstore…

Toast it up

Tired of bland bread? You’re not alone! In any given day, a five-person household may consume a minimum of 10 slices, according to the Flour Advisory Bureau. Expand that among 365 days…

Rape Culture Awareness

WARNING: This article contains potentially triggering, sensitive content. Sexual violence is prevalent, and may be described somewhat graphically. “We tend to blame others for what happens to them because it keeps the…



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