Chai Hunting

Deciding on where to get the best chai among Manhattan’s many coffee shops can be a challenge. When thinking about the best spot to get a chai you need to think about what you want the flavor to taste like. Some people like it spicy, while others like a more subtle spice with a lot of creaminess. Either way, both can be found in Manhattan.


If you’re in the mood for a nice spicy chai latte, I would recommend going to The Dusty Bookshelf.  Their chai has a distinct bite to it.  When I order mine, I like to substitute regular milk for oat milk because I think it makes it creamier—but either way it is delicious.


If you want a more creamy flavor with not as much spice, I would recommend going to Flight Crew. In my opinion I think they have the best chai in Manhattan. Whether you prefer your latte iced or hot, both options are really good there.Another place that not as many Manhattanites know about is a coffee shop called Paramount Coffee.  Their chai is also pretty tasty.  When I tried it, I ordered a specialty holiday chai which had gingerbread syrup in it. They also carry a lot of other specialty chai beverages that I have not yet tried.


If you are looking for a pretty basic chai latte you can go to Starbucks.  I feel like theirs is nothing special, but pretty solid.  I do recommend that you get it from Starbucks to add sweet cream cold foam to it.  I would definitely recommend getting their chai during the holidays because then you can add pumpkin spice or peppermint cold foam to it.

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