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Author: Hadley Woods

Individual style is creating a look that’s unique to you. Whether that’s a staple clothing item, your go-to lipstick, jewelry, or shoes. It’s an expressive way of developing a sense of self – rather than trying to join in on all the trends. Finding your style won’t happen immediately. Over time using different strategies and techniques can help you feel awesome and find your style without worrying about others’ perceptions of your style. 


A great way to start is to simply go to your closet and check out the items that make you feel the best. After finding your favorite items, start by piecing your look together. – Are you just dying to wear your baggy dad jeans every day? Do you have one too many flannels that you’ll never get tired of? Do you feel your best when you throw on your favorite crop? 


 Whatever that may be, own it!


When finding inspiration for the style you love, check out what your friends and maybe even your fav celebrities are wearing. If you try it and it isn’t you, so be it! Just because everyone seems to love a certain thing, doesn’t mean you have to! Express yourself, not others!


Making a mood board can help you visualize your style. Gather up all of your favorite inspos and slap them all together on a Pinterest board, or a collage, you can even print out pictures or cut out of magazines to make a physical mood board. Once you’re able to see it all laid out, you can start to see your vision come together.


Now that you’ve got a look to go for, start finding basics you can mix and match with to create effortless looks. Capsule wardrobes are great for signature looks as well as for creating a foundation for more unique pieces. A

white tank and mom jeans may be basic until you throw in your spin by

adding a pop of color with a puffer jacket and some air Forces for a fun, casual, sporty look. Or you could even throw on a leather jacket with a pair of loafers to rock that sophisticated look. ACCESSORIZE!!!!! Hats, necklaces, bags, etc… accessories are what make good outfits great! 


Make sure you’re upgrading your wardrobe, donating, or upcycling old items! Have fun creating your style – and remember to shop sustainably!

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