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Looking for something Euphoric? Well then take the weekend to dive into HBO’s hit drama series Euphoria. The show, rated TV-MA, follows the lives of several teens who are all struggling with relationships, mental health, and substance abuse. 


Euphoria’s central character is Rue Bennett played by Emmy award winning actress Zendaya. Since the first season, fans and critics express the groundbreaking performance of Zendaya portraying Rue, and the inner battles of an addict. 


Throughout the first two seasons, Rue narrates the stories of her friends and their troubling lives, while she also narrates her life and her addiction to narcotics. One thing Euphoria does is not shy away from showing audiences the harsh reality of abusing drugs. It not only shows Rue’s mental health struggles, it also shows the strain it causes for family and friends. 


The show, while covering a large portion on drug abuse, tackles the typical lives of teens with relationships, inner battles of sexuality, and self-discovery. Jules Vaughn, played by Hunter Schafer, for instance is apart of the LGBQT plus community as a transgender female. While the show doesn’t try to make this the only characteristic of this character, they do cover the topic and struggles Jules experienced in her life. 


However, unlike the first season the second season of Euphoria essentially went viral on social media and the show is reported to be HBO’s second most-watched series in HBO history with Game of Thrones as its first.  


With a show like Euphoria the series is filled with drama. The recent season had fans stressed, confused and at times upset from the vast storylines in just one season. A few fans complained about the season leaving gaps, and at times losing viewers’ attention with each storyline. Some disappointment stemmed from the show glorifying sex, and drugs, and at times showing unnessary nudity. 


However, even with the new season being at times upsetting, controversial and confusing, it still left fans once again with a mix of emotions, and a list of theories to fill your “for you” page on Tik Tok. Euphoria not only has started conversations but also trends of mimicking characters and using filters. It is unknown what is to come for the new season, but it will for sure be another hot topic once it drops.


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