Emily in Paris Review

Netflix’s Emmy nominated romantic comedy series Emily in Paris has captured audiences’ attention with the quirky fashion and thrilling love life of main character Emily, played by Lily Collins. 


Emily in Paris released its second season on Dec. 22 and remained on the Netflix Top Ten list globally in over 94 countries. The series was also renewed for a third and fourth season. 


In the first season, the show follows the main character Emily who is offered to move to her employer’s Paris office. Within the first few episodes, the show highlights cultural shocks many Americans typically experience when relocated to a new country. 


For example,  Emily, when moving into her apartment in Paris, was confused about the floor system in France. Apartment buildings in France label their floors differently, the first floor is labeled “ground floor” and the second floor is when numbering begins.


Another cultural adjustment the show addressed dealt with communication and social outings. Americans are often work-oriented, and a huge part of the show was that on weekends and lunch breaks the French do not talk about work because doing so is deemed unnecessary.


Another important piece of the show is fashion, as Emily works for a marketing firm and throughout the second season fashion is a driving theme of the business. The company works with various luxury brands and in season two, one of their clients is a well-known fashion designer who is fond of Emily because of her unusual and quirky style. 


While fashion does play a role in the plot, romance and drama keeps the series interesting. In season two and towards the end of season one, a conflict of interest in Emily’s love life appears, causing a love triangle to form among her and her peers. While the love life of Emily is heavily focused on, though, there are other supporting characters who add more perspective and sub-plots to follow. 


Season two is filled with more drama and fashion than the previous season, and the audience is introduced to a new character who quickly becomes Emily’s new love interest. The season is a quick watch similar to the first season, and leaves off once again with Emily having to make another decision regarding her future in Paris. 


If you are interested in love triangles and French culture, Emily in Paris is more than worth the watch.  The only complaints of the show so far are the glamorization of Paris and inaccurate depictions of French culture.


Both season one and two are currently available on Netflix for streaming, so take the weekend to watch and comment your thoughts below!

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