Netflix Holiday Binge

As Christmas approaches and the weather grows cold, many of us will need a new show to binge on Netflix. After doing some research of shows available on Netflix, I created a list that I believe are great and definitely binge-worthy shows to keep you on your toes. Old or new, comedy or drama, these shows are all deemed binge-worthy by me while also maintaining their originality because, hopefully, not everyone has seen the shows before.

The first shows, and two of my personal favorites, are Narcos and Narcos Mexico. Narcos follows two DEA agents, Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, in their mission to take down Pablo Escobar. Narcos Mexico follows another DEA agent, Enrique Camarena, when he was assigned to work in Mexico. Both are stories everyone will be eager to watch and are historically accurate and full of action. The only downside for English-speakers who do not enjoy subtitles is that subtitles are occasionally required because of Spanish-speaking characters. However, subtitles are a small price to pay for episodes running only 45 minutes of action.

For those looking for a more dramatic show to watch, I recommend Friday Night Lights. I know it is an old show that many have probably seen, but high-quality shows do not have expiration dates. Friday Night Lights follows a Texas high school football team and is a timeless classic everyone is bound to enjoy. After watching this show, everyone will say, “Texas Forever.”

As for comedy,  the skit show I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is one of the funniest series I enjoyed. After leaving Saturday Night Live, Tim Robinson started his skit comedy show on Netflix and has rolled with it ever since. The episodes are only 25 minutes long and will make your family question what show has you laughing so hard in your room. Last, but not least, a show that is good for the whole family: Cobra Kai. A spinoff of the original Karate Kid movie, the show reignites the rivalry between the original actors in the Karate Kid movie as they are older and now teachers of Karate. Everyone will be excited to turn on the next episode and keep watching this timeless show full of nostalgia.

No matter the kinds of shows and genres you enjoy, hopefully, you will find your niche in a show listed above. If not, Netflix will inevitably find a way to hook you into watching an entire series over winter break.

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