DIY Christmas Decor

Having trouble finding cute and affordable Christmas decor? You are not alone! With increasing prices and a plethora of decor to choose from, figuring out how to decorate your home is a nearly impossible task. Since finding cheap decor is so difficult, I took the task upon myself to identify three easy DIY crafts for those with a little time to spare and some love for the holidays. 


Reindeer Wood Block

The first craft on the list is a reindeer wood block. Not only will this decoration make your friends smile when they see it, but the reindeer will last for years to come–as long as you remember to feed him.



A wood block (you choose the size)

A circular piece of wood or other material

Hot glue

Paint (Black, white and red if you wish to make Rudolph)

Two small twigs



First, glue the circular piece of wood/material onto the reindeer where you want its nose to be. Wait for the glue to dry, and then paint the circle red or black. Next, paint two medium-sized ovals in white for the eyes. Once the white paint dries, paint to smaller, black ovals on the bottom half of the eyes. Lastly, use the hot glue to glue the two twigs on the top of the block to create antlers. Wait for the glue to dry, and voila! You have a cute reindeer that will last years.


Snow Globe

Everyone loves classic Christmas scenery, so why not make your own? With customizable options and creativity abound, these snow globes will have you jumping for joy. 



Clean mason jar/old food jar (only requirement is a removable lid)

Items of your choice to fill the jar with for the scenery

Hot glue

Glitter of your choice





To begin, unscrew the lid and have the inside of the lid facing upwards on a table. Next, glue the figurines or items to the lid in an arrangement of your choice. Once the glue is dry, fill the jar with cold water, a few drops of glycerin, and as much or as little glitter of your choice. Lastly, place glue around the rim of the jar, twist the lid on, and wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry, turn upside down and you have yourself a snow globe!

Reindeer Mason Jar

Continuing with the reindeer theme, the last on the list is a reindeer mason jar. Not only with this decoration look cute, but parts of the decor will taste delicious as well!



Mason jar (size of your choice)

Brown craft paper (One piece)

Brown pipe cleaners (Two)

Googly eyes (Two)

Small red pompom (One)

Ribbon (your choice)

Whopper candies

Hot glue



First, wrap the brown paper around the jar, covering the entire flat body of the jar. Glue the paper in place, and wait for the glue to dry. Next, glue the googly eyes onto the paper where you want to have the eyes placed. Thirdly, glue the red pompom beneath the eyes for the nose of the reindeer. After the glue dries, unscrew the lid, fold the pipe cleaners how you wish to create antlers, and glue them to the back side of the lid. Once the glue is dry, wrap the ribbon around the outside edge of the lid and glue on, covering the bottom of the antlers. After waiting for the glue to dry again, fill the jar with the whopper candies. Finally, screw the lid on and you have your tasty reindeer ready to display!


Hopefully, you find these crafts simple and enjoyable, and fill your home with some holiday cheer during this cold month. Do not forget to try some delicious holiday drinks while you create your decor!

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