From The Fall Print Issue: Causing A Scene

Dive into Manhattan’s music experience through an organization dedicated to supporting the local community, and through the artists they’ve promoted. 


MHK Music Scene: 

Discovering an underground band, sharing new music with friends or going to listen to a live performance is always exciting. Even in a small midwest college town, musical talent is everywhere. Music lives in our classes,  restaurants, shops and even walking past us on the street. Music is an art that not only surrounds the community but brings people together. 

Odonov Eric Martin, head director of MHK Music Scene, sees the ins and outs of musical talent in Manhattan. Martin and his team are dedicated to creating togetherness by sharing the gift of music to everyone in town, from artists to non-artists. 

MHK Music Scene, founded in 2015, is a non-profit for well-being and professionalism. They provide support for local artists through networking, and event planning and coordinating. They also provide workshops, seminars and internships for artists and professionals. The organization is currently coordinating with a wide range of artists and genres.

Martin is the president of the board and head director. “I find individuals of like-mind, who understand the significance of what we’re doing and our intent and our purpose to grow our organization,” said Martin. 

The organization is often hired by local companies to put on events. This includes family-oriented events with games and activities, live music events and art shows. These events have commonly been hosted at well-known places like Kite’s Bar and Grill, the Bluemont Hotel and Sisters of Sound. MHK Music Scene is also driven to support local businesses since the organization’s presence around town brings in large amounts of consumers. 

Martin wants to see a world where the importance of music is recognized within our government, economy, education and every other aspect of a community. MHK Music Scene will continue to create an atmosphere that shows the power of music by promoting local businesses, local events and most importantly, local artists. 


Bri Schock

Bri Schock has been a DJ for weddings and other events since 2016. Martin and Schock decided to begin working together after Schock was the opening DJ for “Dreamfest”, a concert hosted at Bi Bim Bap in September, 2021. Schock spent about a month working on the setlist for the event, and was welcomed by a large audience. Schock is currently working with MHK Music Scene for opportunities to DJ at future events around town. 

“We’re trying to create more of an atmosphere for alternative music, encompassing EDM and nu-disco,” Schock says. 

Schock mentioned that playing at events has not only helped her develop her career, but she loves the social aspect as well. 



Photo by Ashley Heideman

Isaac Castro (Bass), Aeron Julian (Guitar/Vocals)  and Ben Stephens (Drums) started their local Pop Punk Alternative band, Samesounds, this past February. They’ve kicked off the beginning months of their band by playing house shows, recording and playing at events. 

Their connection with MHK Music scene started with a band that Julian was a part of in the past. The organization’s support carried over to his new band, where MHK Music Scene continues to message them about shows and coordinating venues and events. They described local music in Manhattan as a “bands-supporting-bands” environment. Samesounds goal is to play at as many shows and events as they can during their time in Manhattan. 


You can contact MHK Music Scene through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or their website, Be on the lookout for upcoming events this year!

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