Ranking Celebrity-Endorsed McDonald’s Meals

Although I am not the biggest fan of McDonald’s, I find myself there every few months craving their salty fries after a long night with friends. My own parents love McDonald’s, partially for its prices and also because my mom memorized the Big Mac song in high school. With the nearly universal acknowledgment that McDonald’s is consistent in serving tasty food, I am here to rank and discuss their newest endeavor of creating celebrity-endorsed meals. I want the people to know if their orders should stick to the classic quarter-pounders, or if Saweetie’s Big Mac and nuggets and Travis Scott’s quarter pounder with bacon should make their way into their order. 


In last place, simply because the meal lacks creativity, is Travis Scott’s quarter pounder with bacon, a medium Sprite and fries with barbecue sauce. Although the meal is a classic and pushes people to step outside their comfort zones and dip their fries in barbecue sauce rather than ketchup, the meal itself includes nothing original. Sure, there is a Travis Scott toy, but the toy is not edible and cannot be included in the ranking of these meals. The flavor might be good, but the flare is lacking. 


Taste: 8 (I personally love barbecue with my fries, but do not love bacon.)

Creativity: 3 

Overall score: 11/20


In third place is J. Balvin’s meal. The meal consists of a Big Mac without pickles, fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry. His meal is the only one with ice cream, but everyone knows less than half of McDonald’s restaurants have working ice cream machines. Again, like Travis Scott’s meal, this has nothing special other than a “no pickles” specificity, which many people do on their own. I love the addition of ice cream, but this meal is once again boring. 


Taste: 10 (Nothing about this meal is gross to me. Props to you for that, J. Balvin.)

Creativity: 3 (He gets a three because he included ice cream.)

Overall Score: 13/20


The runner-up is Saweetie’s meal, which includes a Big Mac, fries, a 4-piece chicken nugget, Sprite and “Saweetie and Sour sauce.” This meal reminds me of the 4-for-4 from Wendy’s, which I feign for. However, the only original part of this meal is the sauce, which is only named differently but still remains the classic Sweet and Sour sauce. The meal provides a lot of food, though, all of which are consistently tasty for the general public. My only suggestion is to give the sauce a special quality to give the order some “oomf.”


Taste: 8 (Unpopular opinion: I do not love Sweet and Sour Sauce.)

Creativity: 6

Overall: 14/20


In first place sits BTS! BTS’ meal may sound lame (10-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces), but theirs is the first to bring a new recipe to American McDonald’s with their sauces. They also include Coke instead of Sprite, different from Saweetie and Travis Scott. The flavors from South Korean McDonalds’ are worthy of first place, because who does not love a new tasty experience? 


Taste: 10

Creativity: 8

Overall: 18/20


To be completely honest, I am disappointed in these meals because, for the most part, they are unoriginal. Therefore, the scores are inflated, but still relevant to one another. However, McDonald’s food is always satisfying, so I cannot complain too much. The only closing comments I have left to give on these meals are 1) where’s the creativity? and 2) can we please get some non-pop drinks included?

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