From The Fall Print Issue: TikTok Touchdown

Allow us to introduce you to Shane Porter.

If you do not already know him, he might look familiar to you. Maybe you have seen him on Tik Tok, or on the football field during Caturdays. Porter is a Freshman wide receiver at Kansas State and a content creator when he is off the field. 

With over 37 million likes on Tik Tok, Porter has built a social media empire for himself by creating light-hearted, dancing and lip-syncing videos. Although he may seem like a celebrity to you if you follow him on Tik Tok, at school he is just an ordinary guy. 

“Every time a follower meets me, they are surprised by my personality,” Porter said. Off-camera Porter describes himself as “quiet and reserved,” but says if people get to know him, he comes out of his shell. 

Photo by Julia Smith

Although he fits in well in Kansas, he is a Texan at heart. Porter was born and raised in Houston, Texas by mom Amy Thompson and dad Mark Porter, and grew up with his brother Seth Porter. 

After sitting down and getting to know Porter, it was apparent his faith, family and football are the focal points of his life. 

“I grew up surrounded by people with a strong faith and hope in God and I hope to one day use mine to make an impact on others lives like they did mine,” Porter said. 

How did he end up in Kansas, you ask? Porter is a second-generation Kansas State football player. His dad played for Kansas State from 1984-1988 and his older brother, a senior on the team, currently plays alongside him. He hopes to make his dad proud and follow in his footsteps as his older brother did.  

Porter hopes to leave a legacy at Kansas State on the field as well as off the field by using his platform to advocate for others. As someone who personally struggled with mental health, Porter wants to be a resource to other athletes and followers who also struggle with mental health. 

Porter recently became a White Flag athlete where he is a mental health ambassador. The White Flag app is a peer support platform that has immediate peer support for those struggling. 

This is not the last you’ll hear about Porter, either. He is determined to make a difference in this world and his rise to fame on Tik Tok is only the beginning, and you heard it here first.

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