Mullets and Mustaches

Mullets and mustaches are sweeping the nation by storm. It seems that everywhere you look, someone is rocking a mullet, a mustache or both. (Full disclosure, I am also one of the people that actively attempts to sport a mustache.) Where did this trend come from? As much as we want to forget 2020, we need to look back to find this answer. 

Design by Lexi Garcia

Although no one knows exactly where this trend originated from, I have a theory. I believe the release of Tiger King re-introduced the idea of sporting the mullets and mustaches in people’s heads. Seeing Joe Exotic sweep the nation, all people saw on social media was Joe Exotic sporting his long blonde mullet and handlebar mustache. Another potential trendsetter that comes to mind is former Jaguars starting quarterback Gardner Minshew. When he came in as the backup in his first game, people started to see his style of a mustache and mullet, and the rest is history.

 To add onto this trend, people were not going out in public, and had plenty of time to kill due to the pandemic, so why not give the style a shot? My roommates and I certainly had more time to kill, and we all decided to change our look to something new during the lockdowns. 

Fast forward to today, it seems when watching college football on TV, the cameras always find the person sporting this dynamic duo for good reason. When someone is able to pull off a good mullet and mustache, they add a certain amount of electricity to wherever they are. Whether that be at a football game, a party, playing sports or on Tik Tok,  the trend only seems to grow. 

The trend of mullets and mustaches is sweeping the nation, and as far as I can tell, the look is here to stay.

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