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Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you might be able to keep some plants alive with these tips and tricks. Houseplants aren’t only aesthetically pleasing and trendy, they also have benefits you may not be aware of. Plants are proven to promote mental health by reducing anxiety, along with increasing productivity, sparking creativity, and ridding the air of toxins. 

It can be intimidating to walk into a plant or garden store and try to find plants that work for you. Luckily, Manhattan has some great places that are filled with greenery and kind employees who can help you pick out something that will work for you. Blueville Nursery Inc, Horticultural Services Garden Center, and Kistner’s Flowers are a few local shops in or around the Manhattan area. 

Maggie Gray, a sophomore at K-State studying horticulture, says students have always been told to study outside because nature is great for your mental health. Sometimes when you are feeling your worst, it can be nice to have a plant friend to keep you company. 

“Because of the pandemic, people are starting to bring the outdoors inside and that’s very important and exciting,” Gray said.

Gray’s number one tip for caring for plants is to have patience. Just like people, plants grow at their own pace. With help from Gray, we’ve made a quick and easy guide to what plants you should buy next and how to care for them.


Photo by Carson Leap

Ponytail Palm

  • This flirty plant has big roots, like a tree, so it’s sturdy and hard to kill but be wary of overwatering.  The Ponytail Palm needs to be watered every two to three weeks, or when the soil is dry.
  • If the leaves are brown or dry, this means you aren’t watering it enough.
  • Yellow foliage or mushy trunk means you’re watering too much.
  • This plant is safe for cats and dogs.
  • They love sun or bright indirect light, but can survive in low light (it just grows slower).
  • Don’t cut the leaves as this will lead to brown edges.
  • Price range: $20 to $50



Photo by Carson Leap

Snake Plant

  • This extremely edgy and trendy plant should be a staple in your kitchen, office, or bedroom because of its unique look and low maintenance needs.
  • Snake plants like light, but keep them about 10 inches away from windows, because they will burn in direct sunlight. They do well in low light, so put them wherever and they should thrive.
  • Snake plants need water every two to eight weeks, but make sure the soil is dry and waterless in the winter.
  • This plant does well in most temperatures, but not in snow or frost so move them inside if it’s going to snow.
  • Can be poisonous if ingested so keep away from animals’ reach. 
  • Price range: $20 to $40



Photo by Carson Leap

Jade Plant 

  • This cute, clover looking plant is known for its luck and prosperity, so next time you are looking for a gift, consider a Jade plant.
  • Like most houseplants, let the Jade plant dry out completely before watering and don’t overwater.
  • You should water more in the summer and spring, and less in the winter and fall.
  • Try to avoid getting water on the leaves and just water the soil.
  • Jade plants love the sun, so set it by the window and you’re all set.
  • It can be deadly for pets if ingested, so again keep animals out of reach. 
  • Price range: $10 to $30



Photo by Carson Leap


  • Your simple, desert cactus is a great plant if you don’t want to care for it all the time and comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Cacti love direct, hot sunlight since they are used to the desert, so put them in the warmest, lightest corner of the room.
  • They can get burnt, so be sure to look out for them and if you see them getting burnt, place them away from the window.
  • Recommended to underwater instead of overwater, so remember a little bit goes a long way.
  • Cacti require watering every couple of weeks and make sure the soil is completely dry.
  • Watch out for the thorns on cacti as they can cause harm to animals if ingested.
  • Price range: $3-$60

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