Air fryer recipes: the Tik Tok way

If you say you haven’t seen at least one food related Tik Tok on your For You Page, we’d say you’re lying. And if you don’t have an air fryer, you know someone that has one. And they use it. All. The. Time. 

Combine air fryers with the sorcery that is the For You Page, and you get something magical. We’ve listed three of our favorite air fryer recipes, straight from Tik Tok, down below. 



Whether you call it a sheet cookie, pizza cookie or pizookie, you’re sure to love this. And it’s super simple. 

  1.     Line the basket of your air fryer with foil
  2.     Pack a 16-ounce package of Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough (or more, depending on the size your air fryer) into the foil-lined basket of your air fryer 
  3.     Cook for 10 minutes at 350 degrees
  4.     Pull your foil out of the basket and place a few scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream on top of the still-warm cookie
  5.     Enjoy!

Credit: @oliviamogan on Tik Tok


Garlic Butter Ribeye

Cooking a steak using an air fryer doesn’t seem possible. But it is. 

  1.     Season or marinade a ribeye steak
  2.     Line the basket of your air fryer with foil (to keep the steak’s natural juices in)
  3.     Put the steak into the basket of tour air fryer and place a pad of garlic butter on top
  4.     Cook for five to ten minutes (depending on how well you want your steak done) at 400 degrees before flipping your steak over and cooking it for an additional five to ten minutes.
  5.     Let steak rest for a few minutes after cooking
  6.     Enjoy!

Credit: @idkjustfollowfornow on Tik Tok


Loaded French Fries

Perfect for a night in. Or after spending a night in Aggieville.

  1.     Line the basket of your air fryer with foil
  2.     Place a serving or two of frozen french fries into the basket of your air fryer
  3.     Cook for 15 minutes at 400 degrees
  4.     Pull your fries out of the air fryer and place some shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits and chives over the top
  5.     Cook for an additional three minutes or until cheese is melted
  6.     Enjoy!

Credit: @richardeats on Tik Tok


From banana bread to chicken wings, the air fryer has no limits. Try out these recipes or get creative in the kitchen and make your own air fryer creation! We’re sure you’ll love it.

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