Getting Close While Keeping Your Distance

Covid Vaccines are increasingly rolling out and the return to in-person activities is on the horizon. There still are months of social distancing ahead before groups can gather comfortably again. To help the time pass, there are several options that keep friends and family connected virtually. Some options are completely free and a few are available for a reasonable price. If you try any of these, snap a photo and tag us @manhappeninmagazine on Instagram!

  1. Code Names

The popular card game Codenames has an online comparative form, HorsePaste. Through dividing roles between spymaster and players, the codenames game can be played comfortably from a Zoom video call. Have one player share their screen with the cards and click each card as players verbally select them. The spymaster will have to open the game on their own browser to keep the cards a secret!



  1. Coffee Hour

Coffee shops and tea houses are popular places to gather to chat over a cup of jo. Most spaces in Manhattan still require a mask and sometimes this can be uncomfortable to wear for prolonged amounts of time. Save a few dollars and lookup an at-home latte recipe. Whip up a cinnamon latte in just a few minutes for a fraction of the cost and invite friends to share their recipes while sipping on drinks. Use the time to debrief, catch up and share!



  1. Study Sessions

No spring break means it is hard to catch a breath from homework. Motivation can waver and taking an hour to work with others can spur us forward. Schedule a study session; each person brings their work to the video call, but phones aren’t allowed for the allocated time. YouTube has coffee shop sound effects that can be played in the background to help the experience feel more authentic. Bonus points; try the app Forest and challenge friends to grow a forest! This app will ensure your friends don’t sneak their phones into the study session *wink*.

  1. Jackbox Games ($)

Most people have heard of Quiplash or Trivia Murder Party – both popular games from the Jackbox Games creators. For around $20, you and your friends can purchase a party pack of games to play on zoom or at socially distanced parties. These games require creative thinking and a narrator to walk the group through each step of the game.

  1. Among Us

The popular game  Among Us is fun alone, but much more enjoyable paired with a call. Create a room for friends and see if hearing voices helps you find the imposter… or if it makes it harder. Allowing a few guests in the room adds to the chaos and hilarity as friends rush to complete tasks.



  1. Houseparty (for smartphones)

This game has a video call platform built into it. Houseparty allows up to eight people in a video call with chat functions and can even notify you when others are “in the house”. In the app, you can play games such as Heads Up, Uno, Fortnite and more!



If you’re waiting for your vaccine, uncomfortable wearing a mask or looking to connect with friends far away, give these suggestions a try! Share with the Manhappenin’ Team on social media and spread the word.

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