Celebrity Menswear Looks You Need to Try NOW

Whether you’re new to Manhattan or you’ve been here a while, you know shopping for men can be challenging. Menswear has so many different options, it can be hard to figure out how to style and pair each item. As we see society progress, men  feel more liberated to  try new styles beyond jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re looking to try new styles, especially with the arrival of fall, look no further. Each look below is inspired by a male celebrity with impeccable taste. Did we mention you can find everything at the local Manhattan Town Center? All the looks have their own style so you can find what fits, feel free to try them all!Our first look is inspired by a sleazy 70s businessman, brought to you by Ben Cobb. Cobb is a fashion editor and menswear writer, so take notes!

Photo by Alexia King

First, we’ve got this great jacket and scarf combo that can be found at Dillard’s for $225. The pin-striped button-up Cobb is wearing is at JCPenney, and it looks like they are having a clearance event on all of their button-ups at the moment. We were able to snag this puppy for $5.99, normally, the price is $40. Next, we’ve got these fantastic flared jeans. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tough to find men’s flares in Manhattan so we found this great dark wash boot cut jean from American Eagle for $49.95. Lastly, the snazzy black loafers can be found at JCPenney for $75.

Photo by Alexia King

Our next look is inspired by Ashton Sanders, who is serving us clean streetwear with a high-end twist. Sanders is known for his role in “Moonlight” but has appeared in many other films throughout his acting career.

First, let’s take a look at his iconic Levi’s denim jacket, we found you this American outerwear staple at Dillard’s for $69.99. This is something you will want to keep in your closet and wear the entirety of fall. Next, we have the pink hooded sweatshirt found at H&M. Unfortunately this color was out of stock, so we used this great tan sweatshirt instead. Snag it for $24.99. Next up, the jeans. We’re a sucker for a good pair of Levi 501s, and we think you will be too. We found you these jeans at JCPenney for $59.50. We can’t forget the chains that pull this look together, hit up Hot Topic for this baby for $14.90. Layer up or stick with one chain. Lastly, we have a pair of the sleekest boots we’ve ever seen, and we found a great match at Dillard’s for $99.99.

Photo by Alexia King

Our third look is brought to you by none other than Harry Styles, a flourishing icon in gender-bending menswear. This look is more on the masculine side, but you can always add touches of femininity. Styles is a former member of One Direction and is now a solo musician.

For the jacket, you guessed it, we found at H&M for $34.99. While we couldn’t find a Harry Styles shirt anywhere in town, we were able to find an awesome Queen tee from Hot Topic for $22.90. Next, we have the pants. Wide-leg pants are sparse in circulation for men right now, but we did find these great straight-leg slacks from JCPenney for $75. Lastly, the white Vans are at Journeys for $49.99. 

Photo by Alexia King

Our fourth and final look is inspired by LeBron James. His style is so sporty and effortless, it’s almost unfair. James is a well-known NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

To start the look, we have a black long sleeve t-shirt, a dupe for what James is wearing can be found at Rue 21 for $24.99. Next, we have the gray pullover sweatshirt tied around his waist, yes, it’s at H&M for $25.99. The gray joggers — also found at H&M for $17.99. His signature Nike socks are at Hibbett Sports for $16. Lastly, the Nike shoes in a similar style are at JCPenney for $60.  


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