A Day in the Life: One Student Navigates COVID-19

Photo by Sami Rios

COVID-19 has changed how every K-State student has gone to class, but how has it changed our everyday routine? It changes when we go to class (if we even go), how we do homework, group projects and so much more. Rylee Parker, junior in pre-nursing, has changed her whole routine due to COVID-19.

Normally, she’d get up for class in the morning, so it was difficult to get out of bed when she didn’t have to go anywhere.

“I like to get up and sometimes, not all the time, try to leave my apartment and go somewhere to get my schoolwork done because it’s a lot harder to focus when you’re in your house than it would be if you’re in a classroom,” Parker said.

Now, Parker’s routine consists of getting up in the morning to watch lecture videos, do homework, exercise at the rec, eat lunch with her boyfriend, do more homework and watch lectures, and finish her day with taking her dog on a walk.

Public Hall and Bluestem are her fav spots to study and watch lectures if she can. Before COVID-19, Parker went to class, exercised in the evenings and had a much fuller schedule.

“It’s kind of changed everything,” Parker said. “Even just going to the store you have to wear a mask… I always felt like having new classes every semester gave me the opportunity to meet more people and I don’t really feel like I’ve met anyone else. I haven’t been around any new people since I haven’t been in class.”

Photo by Sami Rios

COVID-19 has also taken a huge toll on plenty of students’ social lives.

“I like to be around people and be able to go do things,” Parker said. “I haven’t really been going out and doing anything like that because it’s just kind of not the best idea and it’s not the same either.”

But there are other ways to be social and keep up with your mental health while being safe.

“I try to stay really active and do things outside,” Parker said. “Getting fresh air and sunshine always helps.”

When we’re all in this together, social distancing doesn’t have to feel so distant. Remember to take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to change up your routine. 


Photo by Sami Rios

Here’s more great ways to be social while staying safe:

  • FaceTime/Zoom your pals
  • Go on walks
  • Stay in smaller groups
  • Avoid crowded, public places; try spending time in the park or at a friend’s house!
  • Get a penpal! Work on those writing skills and meet some amazing new people through pen pals. (Here’s one nonprofit organization of many that you can connect with!)
  • Check out “Things I Tried While Stuck Inside” to see what other students are doing!  

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