Lunch and Go: Local Areas to Picnic

Photo by Kate Torline

With fall rolling into view, finding the perfect spot to picnic in between the busy weekdays is the perfect way to take a break from homework. Bluemont Scenic Overlook, Konza Prairie Kansas Valley lookout point, Frank Anneburg Park, Manhattan Country Club Hill and Deep Creek Waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing are just a few of the main places where you can take a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature in MHK.

Pack up the car with blankets, a few sandwiches and go explore!

Photo by Kate Torline

Bluemont Scenic Overlook

Also known as Manhattan Hill, this small trail has great spots to stretch out and sightsee. It is located off of Ehlers Road and is now a part of Goodnow Park. To the west, K-State campus can be seen and a wide overlook of Manhattan itself. With free parking and picnic benches for lunch, what’s not to love about this classic?

Konza Prairie Kansas Valley Lookout Point

This beautiful trail overlooking the Kansas River Valley is a short 3-mile drive outside of Manhattan, located at 3700 Pillsbury Dr. From Overlook Park, the Konza Prairie Preserve stretches for five milesup to I-70 and four miles west. Miles of Kansas Tallgrass Prairie can be seen from the lookout point, where domestic livestock and bison graze.

Frank Anneburg Park

The large, people and pet-friendly park is a great place to take a stroll or sit under one of the many beautiful trees. You’ll want to plan your next fall photo-op here!

Photo by Kate Torline

Manhattan Country Club Hill

No, this is not a park, but the Manhattan Country Club parking lot has a magnificent view comparable to that of Manhattan Hill. Several benches overlook our busy city below. When the sun sets and the stars come out to say hello, the sky will welcome anyone with its beauty from this location.

Deep Creek Waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing

A few miles southeast of Manhattan is the Deep Creek Waterfall, located at Pillsbury Crossing. This location is perfect for taking a few lawn chairs and blankets to set up by the river and hear the water trickle by. Vehicles can cross or park on both sides of the creek. Several walking trails surround the area.

Get beyond your busy class schedule and workday demands, take your pals for a picnic! Be mindful of COVID-19 guidelines and procedures as some rules may have changed.

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