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If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? The question rang in the ears of hair stylists Andrah Meyers and Jessica Homeniuk. If you knew *SNIP* You couldn’t fail *SNIP* What would you do? *SNIP*. Suddenly, they could see it clearly – two entrepreneurial dreams becoming one. It was this question that gave the women the final push to risk it all and open Tress Hair Boutique in Manhattan, Kansas. 

Owning a business before 30 is rare. Luckily, that didn’t stop these two women from chasing their dreams. At the young ages of 24 and 27, Meyers and Homeniuk opened Tress Hair Boutique, located on 16th St. and Anderson Avenue. Before owning Tress Hair Boutique, Meyers and Homeniuk worked together as stylists at Platinum and Company Beauty Bar. Day-by-day, the two built a bond on the backbone of hard work. 

 “It’s hard to find others who want to do things at a higher standard like we do,” Meyers said. They had a similar way of doing things, with focus on high-quality experiences. Within a month, they were best friends. Within a year, they were business partners.

But starting a business takes more than hard work; it takes risk – especially at such a young age. So, what gave them the courage to take such a large leap of faith?

“Having a vision of what we want and knowing that we can do it. I don’t think a lot of people believe that about themselves. Or have the guts to actually follow through with it.” Meyers explained.

“We know what we want and we’re not going to settle for anything else. So, if we have to figure it out for ourselves then we are going to,” Homeniuk added.

So they did just that. 

With this courage came Manhattan’s newest hair salon – Tress Hair Boutique. When forming Tress, Meyers and Homeniuk were sure of one thing: their salon was going to be different from others in the area. Like the women, the salon’s main focus is on quality – quality cut, quality color, quality conversation and beyond. What separates them from their competitors is their focus on the clients, not numbers. This is something that the women believe many salons are lacking – they want to connect with their clients.

“We want to spend our time with each client and make each visit about the experience,” Homeniuk said. 

To enhance the experience of each customer, Tress Hair Boutique provides luxurious services like a relaxing neck massage and warm towel to each customer. Tress Hair Boutique is a small, private salon that offers personalized services by appointment. Some of these services include hair color and cutting, extensions, facial waxing and more. On top of these incredible services, Tress carries R + Co products (see details in sidebar). 

Hearing the continued story of these two boss babes is inspiring for those with the same aspirations when it comes to owning your own business. If you want to hear more of their story and look bomb when leaving the salon, then book your appointment today! You definitely won’t regret it.

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