Trendy Meets Comfy

Before quarantine, the phrase “beauty is pain” was used to describe trendy yet uncomfortable outfits. But no more! It’s safe to say we’ve been reaching for our sweats, athletic shorts, and leggings instead of our jeans and skirts while quarantined. Fashion companies have figured it out. With COVID-19 regulations, companies have realized people are not leaving their homes to go out, meaning they’re not dressing up to sit on their couch. Thus, companies adapted to consumers.

Brands and stores such as Anthropology, ASOS, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Target and H&M have all added comfy clothes to their collections. Not only is loungewear cute, but it is also versatile.  Being comfortable and cute just hits different in quarantine. Staying in your sweats is easier when you don’t have to leave your house for work or school. It’s more enjoyable to do work when you’re comfortable. You can style sweats, leggings, and joggers with a crop top, an oversized t-shirt knotted at the waist or with a blazer. Pair your biker shorts with a baggy t-shirt, crop top or cropped hoodie. Dress up your loungewear with any shoes you want.

Models promoting loungewear lets consumers know they can pull it off too.  A sweat suit is genderless, making it a item that everyone can have in their closets! A wave of style tip and outfit of the day/night videos has taken over influencers social media platforms. Because their audience is at home, they’re likely  to test the boundaries of their style.

COVID-19 has forever altered the face of fashion. Mask and loungewear sales are becoming the bulk of companies profit. Social media influencers have made loungewear blow up even more. From Instagram to TikTok, countless stars dance around in their kitchen in a sweat suit, linking the website to buy below. At this point, we’re all convinced that we can never have enough sweatpants.

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