Tired of scrolling all day? Try this instead

Have you ever been sitting around with friends and you look up from your phone only to see everyone else on their phones too? This happens to me often, I get caught scrolling

Photo By Kate Torline

through Instagram or TikTok and I forget to look up and talk to my friends. Sure, there are some busy days, all we want to do is sit and scroll. That’s totally fine, but when I realized that it was affecting the time I spent with friends, I decided I had to make a change. After thinking about it, I learned something about myself that I think is common in a lot of people. We feel as if we constantly need to be doing something (anything) or it feels like we are wasting time, which makes us feel unproductive. 


Why do we feel like we need to always have our hands moving? In the fast paced society we live in, we tend to value getting things done. We tell ourselves that once we finish a project, or get through another shift, then we will feel happy. When we aren’t constantly working on homework or bettering ourselves somehow, we feel like we’re losing out on opportunity. It’s important to spend time with friends to build relationships, or take time for yourself. This is why I learned to crochet. I figured that once I learn and get going, it is something I can do while with friends that will help me to feel more engaged, present, and connected. 


Photo By Kate Torline

Fortunately, my mom knows how to crochet and was happy to teach me! If you don’t know someone who can teach you, there are loads of videos on YouTube to learn from. I sat down with my mom last Thanksgiving break, and we got to work.


You will need a crochet hook and some yarn. The thicker yarn you use, the larger the crochet hook. Starting out, I found that a medium sized crochet hook (I use an N/15-10.00MM) and medium thickness of yarn is best to begin working with. If you don’t have these supplies sitting at home, you can easily pick them up on your next (necessary) run to Walmart. Once you get started, remember that you’re just beginning and it’s okay if you don’t pick it up right away! (I sure didn’t).

Photo By Kate Torline


While crocheting works for me, there are many other hobbies you can pick up. Maybe you already know how to embroider, or you’ve always wanted to learn to knit! You could try yoga or gardening, drawing, start a YouTube channel, or simply begin to exercise every day! Once you have learned the basics, I hope you find that whatever you decided to learn helps you to be more present when you are with friends, family, or when you’re in the quiet and taking time to be with yourself.

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