A College Student’s Guide to the 2020 Election

If you’re a college student, you don’t have time to research the presidential candidates that are in the running to become the next President of the United States, right? Wrong. It is predicted that Millennials and Generation Z will make up the largest portion of potential voters in 2020, but this certain demographic finds it difficult to show up and vote.  Some students believe that their vote simply does not matter and others simply are not educated on the candidates running, therefore they decide not to vote. Voting is an opportunity to stand up for something you believe in. By not voting, you are letting others make decisions for you; decisions that you may not personally agree with. 

Your vote does matter. 

Information about the 2020 presidential candidates is easy to find. Each running candidate has their own website that lists out their stances on a plethora of social and political issues, and how they plan to act on the issues if elected.  As a small head start, here is an easy-to understand layout that presents some of the 2020 candidates’ platforms that most college students are concerned about. Click on each info graphic to learn more!

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