Quarantine but make it fashion: why get ready at home?

Photo by Anna Scarlett

I’ll tell ya why! Looking put together at home can get you motivated and ready for the day of working remotely, spring cleaning, reading those books for your quarantine or taking a trip to the grocery store. Whether it’s putting on that outfit you’ve been waiting to wear or styling your hair, these actions can boost your mood and get you through your day.  One thing you don’t want to do is go on Instagram Live while doing your makeup like Vanessa Hudgens and say that people dying from coronavirus is inevitable. #Yikes.

But seriously, doing even a bit of makeup and putting on a stylish outfit with some accessories can give you a different energy for the day ahead. Here’s what I believe these practices will give you:

Photo by Anna Scarlett
  1. Confidence, duh! It’s cliche, but if you look good you’ll feel good honey. You can do your online assignments, a project for work, some loads of laundry and you can look fine while doing it!
  2. Motivation – take yourself more seriously! If you’re lookin’ like you’re on the job then you’ll feel like you really are. Get your work done so you can celebrate after by getting in your comfy clothes!
  3. Productivity – if you’re mentally prepared for all you have to complete in a day then you have a better chance of actually doing so. Make a checklist at your desk and cross off each task as you complete it!

This quarantine doesn’t have to be miserable y’all. Take care of yourselves, mind and body! #WashYourHands


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