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Friends Theories

There are many theories about the sitcom hit Friends; the most popular being that Rachel dreamed the whole thing. This theory began when the fourth season came out on DVD. Rachel is staring right into the camera while the rest of the cast is pictured sleeping. Some say she went into an anxiety-induced dream the night before she was supposed to marry Barry and dreamed of a life in New York. Another theory is that Monica was born from an affair outside of her parents’ marriage. Throughout the show, it is clear that Ross is the favorite and Monica is constantly chastised by her mother, Judy. This may be because Judy had an affair and Monica was the love child. Judy was never able to live down this guilt.

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Jeffrey Epstein (Didn’t Kill Himself)

Jeffrey Epstein’s conspiracy theory is the newest one to date. He was an extremely wealthy man, however, no one quite knows how he made all of his money. Most think he blackmailed powerful men and threatened to  expose them for being a part of his sex trafficking ring. He reportedly committed suicide in jail but many theorize that he was killed by one of the rich and powerful men he was soon to expose (two of those figures being Donald Trump and Bill Clinton). 

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Queen Elizabeth I was a Man

Queen Elizabeth, also known as the Virgin Queen, is said to have been replaced by a man in her later years. As a child, Elizabeth stayed in the town of Bisley while her father, King Henry VIII, was away. It was here that she became gravely ill and suddenly died. Her caregivers were concerned for their own safety as the King was coming soon to visit his daughter. They dressed up a local, redheaded boy in a gown and presented him as Elizabeth.  This conspiracy would explain why Queen Elizabeth never took a husband and always wore large wigs and pounds of makeup.  

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Britney Spears covered for President Bush

It seemed that the media was conveniently entertained with the latest Britney Spears drama  whenever President George Bush had something else to cover up. Conspirators say that Britney was on his payroll to be compensated for her “meltdowns.” In February 2007, President Bush announced that Al-Qaeda had realigned. That same day, Britney had her most infamous and never-forgotten night of shaving her head. Other coincidences cause people to feel strongly that Britney was under President Bush’s control. 

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