How to Be Environmentally Friendly: No Shade Just Tips

There are many reasons for someone to want to go green whether it be to save money, help the world or just for the heck of it. As we know the environment is suffering from all the harmful things we are doing and even though we may not be able to do much, doing even the smallest of things can go a long way. Below are some quick and easy things you can do to be more environmentally friendly:


Use reusable bags: Disposable shopping bags are everywhere. They take years to decompose depending on the environment. Millions of animals die from choking on plastic bags yearly that just float around the water. On the downside they rip easily so why not make the switch??


Buy local: Not only do you get fresher produce but you also help protect local lands and wildlife by supporting local farmers and producers. Doing this will help big companies not buy them out and practice non-eco-friendly farming practices.


Graphic by Monica Melber

Try to cut out plastic: instead of carrying a plastic water bottle buy a reusable one that you can refill when needed. If you go out to get coffee a lot you can also buy a reusable straw. (Save the turtles!)


Go thrifting: Fast fashion is taking over many if not all clothing stores. Lots of clothing items end up in the dump when they’re in perfectly good condition. Thrifting can help reduce pollution and waste. Plus you never know what hidden gems you can find!


I only touched on the basics but there are so many other things you can do to be eco-friendly. Whenever you’re out and about, try to think of alternatives to help out the environment. We’re all living and sharing the planet so why not do your part and make it a better place to live in?

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