Have a Staycation This Holiday In Manhattan Kansas

Whether you have family coming in town for the weekend or you’re just looking for a quick break from dorm life, you may be surprised at some of the retreat options Manhattan offers through Airbnb. This ‘homestay’ and lodging marketplace is a trend that MHK certainly isn’t sleeping on (pun intended) and below we have found 5 homes you may want to keep in mind for the next long weekend.


This house should come as no surprise if you’ve ever driven past it on Sunset Ave. The landscaping is impeccable, the house itself is adorable and the windows are lit up with a welcoming glow. The Sunset cottage is an idyllic home for an in-town retreat, and looks like it is straight off of your ‘Cozy Homes’ Pinterest board or a Home&Gardens magazine. This 3-bed 3-bath house is perfect for when the folks are in town, a friends reunion post graduation or a fancy little get away with a fun patio for dinner. Be sure to book far in advance as this is definitely a hot pad for Manhattan Airbnb’s. 


Courtesy of Becky’s Airbnb

Sunset Cottage Guest House

If typical hotels aren’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for a unique get away, Manhattan has a treat for you. This grain bin turned house is definitely unique, so much so that it was featured on the FYI Channel’s show, “You Can’t Turn That Into a House” in 2017. Located in the Flint Hills, this 2 bedroom ‘house’ is sure to offer a relaxing and unforgettable weekend experience. The bedrooms are located in the renovated grain bins which are connected by a glass breezeway with a kitchen and sitting area. Not only is this house a sight in itself alone, there is even a pond on the property which is great for fishing! So if you’ve ever wondered what it is like to stay in one of those wacky TV show homes, you only have to travel seven miles outside of Manhattan!



Courtesy of Lori’s Airbnb

As seen on “You Can’t Turn That Into A House”

This next house is a historic limestone estate won’t disappoint. From the hot tub to the huge backyard patio, you’ll find it hard to leave. The interior is a modern-day version of Kate Winslet’s English Cottage in “The Holiday”. The house is large enough to welcome 10 guests, making it a perfect choice for when the whole family is in town! It is located west of campus, just off of Anderson; just far enough to feel like you really may be in the Enlish countryside. 

Courtesy of Becky’s Airbnb

Historic Limestone Estate in the Tallgrass Prairie


If you’re wanting to spend some time closer to nature, but you’re not interested in sleeping on the ground, we have the solution for you: glamping! This glamping site allows you to spend time outdoors but offers that extra level of comfort (a bed) to make the weekend both adventurous and comfortable. Perfect for a romantic getaway or some quality alone time, you are sure to come back to your daily life feeling reconnected with nature.


Courtesy of Rod’s Airbnb

Glamping in MHK

While this last house may technically be considered cheating, as it isn’t located in Manhattan, it’s only a 30 minute drive North to Randolph, KS and it is way too cute not to mention. This one bed villa has breathtaking views of Tuttle Creek that can be enjoyed from either the patio or through the floor to ceiling windows from the king size bed inside. With a view like this one, your stay-cation may turn into a full on hiatus from real life, and we wouldn’t blame you one bit.  

Courtesy of Drew’s Airbnb

Suite 1 – Blue Vista Inspiring Lakefront Retreat

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