I Tried Positive Affirmations For One Week 


What we think of ourselves has a tremendous effect on the way we live. You always hear people say, “be kind to others” or “treat others with respect” but what we don’t hear enough is how to treat YOURSELF with respect. Our bodies are beautiful cases that hold our feelings, thoughts and everything down to the last cell that makes us who we are. Our bodies have unique curves, marks and wrinkles that make us incredibly individualistic. We have the ability to see life through our own eyes, using our own minds, so why not flood ourselves with kind words and compliments?


I tried positive affirmations for one week, and here’s the details: 


Day 1: Monday 


“I have so many goals to accomplish this week.”


Is what I wrote in my notebook on the first day. This simple statement is empowering and will put you in a brighter mood without even realizing it. Instead of saying something like, “I have so much work to do this week,” I replaced the words that raise negative emotions like “work” and “do” with more positive words, “goals and “accomplish.”


Day 2: Tuesday

“I am enough.”


“I am” statements are some of the most powerful in our vocabulary. It gives you the power to truly state who you are and what you can do. I’ve been working on being proud of who I am. I feel like almost everyone can go through phases where they feel like they don’t matter, and their presence and words are not important. But we are all important in our own ways. We all have so much to bring to the table, or in this case, life.

Photo by Mackenzie Smith

Day 3: Wednesday


“I will get through all obstacles this week.”


Yes, this one is generic. But in the midst of midterms and the overwhelming amount of homework, it can be almost too easy to just give up. Sometimes all we need is to actually believe that the week will come to an end, and that moment will feel so good after all the work we put in. Getting through a week of course work should be an accomplishment on its own.


Day 4: Thursday


“I am valued, by myself and those that surround me.”


This affirmation is filled with so much positive emotion. Just writing this in my notebook gave me the opportunity to really take a minute and think about all the support and love that is in my life. Family, friends, and even professors value you. It is okay to tell yourself that you are valued. It is not egotistical, it lets you believe that you hold so much power in the events and people in your life. This is always a good reminder.


Day 5: Friday


“My hard work is worth it.”


Ahh yes, Friday has finally arrived. The weekend gives me enough motivation to finish my classes strong today. It’s a nice feeling to reward yourself with a weekend of relaxation after a lot of hard work put in throughout the week. It is all worth it in the end.

Photo by Mackenzie Smith

Day 6: Saturday


“I have so much to look forward to.”


This statement just overwhelms me with excitement. I love having plans to look forward to. It gives me more motivation to push through the rough patches. Putting this thought on paper just reminded me of everything that I do look forward to. Even something as simple as planning to get coffee with a friend. 


Day 7: Sunday


“I am grateful for my family, friends, education, and job.”


Last, but definitely not least, I took my last day to recognize how grateful I am for those around me. I am lucky to have all of these in my life. This day especially helped me focus on the positive things in my life.


Main Takeaways:

I had never tried positive affirmations before, but I’m glad I took this week to give it a try. Although my week was still filled with the normal stress of being a student and worker, I tended to focus my attention toward the positive aspects of these positions. My work load didn’t seem as heavy, mostly because I reminded myself of positive reinforcements to balance it out. I will definitely be continuing my journal of daily affirmations, even if I don’t get to it everyday. 

Positive or self affirmations can help with improving your self esteem, boosting your confidence for an important interview or presentation, and it can improve your productivity. Research has shown that they can increase our feelings of self worth as well.

It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try!


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