The Truth Is Out There: Conspiracy Theories

Graphic Tara Sitzmann

Disney’s “Frozen”

Walt Disney was a brilliant man who died at the age of 65 in 1966. He was a wealthy man with numerous connections around the world. Around that time, a legend started that his corpse was cryogenically frozen in liquid nitrogen to be brought back to life at a later date. This conspiracy started because of the fact that his funeral was hidden from the public eye. This is becoming a well-known conspiracy, so much so that  Disney had to take action to stop the rumors. Conspiracy theorists believe that is why the movie Frozen came out in 2013. Now, every time someone searches “Disney Frozen” a children’s movie comes up, rather than the theory that Walt Disney himself is a frozen head chillin’ out (literally) in a chamber somewhere. 

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Graphic Tara Sitzmann

Area 51

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the Nellis Military Operations Area is actually holding and experimenting on aliens. It quickly became known as the most mysterious and secretive base which, to no surprise, led to conspiracies. Some say they are studying the UFO crash that supposedly happened in the 1940’s. Others say that this is where the first moon landing was filmed. All the same, Area 51 has grown immensely more popular this past year as September 20, 2019 was declared to “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All.”  

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Graphic Tara Sitzmann

The Mandela Effect

This theory is named after Nelson Mandela because many people can recall hearing about his death in prison in the 1980’s. When his death made headlines (again) in 2013, people were confused and certain they’d already heard about it in the late twentieth century. These people connected over the internet and the Mandela Effect was born. This theory states that even though people may remember the same things or events differently, they both remember them correctly. It is believed that there are alternate realities or timelines. The Mandela Effect is found in other things such as the spelling of the children’s book series “The Berenstein Bears” or as some say, “The Berenstain Bears,” as well as the cartoon “Looney Tunes” or “Looney Toons.”

Check out The Mandela Effect’s website:

Graphic Tara Sitzmann

Live Photos on iPhone

You may be familiar with live photos on Apple phones, however, when you take a photo, it records what is happening BEFORE you hit the button. You can test this by turning on the live photo option, counting down from three, and then watching the photo with the sound on. You will be able to hear yourself counting before you even touch the button. This means that if the camera is on, your phone is listening. No one knows what Apple is doing with this information.  The same process happens with Siri. Many iPhone users simply say, “Hey Siri,” to activate the virtual assistant. This means it is always listening and waiting to hear you say these specific words, but who knows what else it is picking up. The fact that companies, or the government, is listening becomes even creepier with the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Homes.  

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Graphic Tara Sitzmann

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