Needing a Costume? We Got You.

Needing some last minute inspo for your Halloween costume? Don’t want to break the bank by going out and buying a complete look? Check out these DIY looks using things already in your closet to create the perfect costume this year.


70s Hippie

Take any pair of flare or bell bottom pants, the weirder the better, and pair it with a fun tie dye shirt. I know I made oversized tie dye tees in middle school all the time, so take an old one you have lying around and cut it to the length you want. Add a pair of groovy circle glasses and voila! You’re in the 70s!

Courtesy of Sophie Braynock

Literally Any Fruit:

Strawberry? Throw on a big red t-shirt and make black seeds from black construction paper and glue them on your shirt with a green headband and you’re all set! Pineapple? Take a big yellow t shirt and draw specks on the shirt and throw on the same green headband and boom! Kiwi? Take a big green t shirt and use fabric paint and paint a big white oval with black triangles around it and you’re a kiwi! The possibilities are endless and all super cute!

Riverdale “Core Four”:

Grab your group of closest friends and whip out a grey beanie for Jughead, Betty’s iconic ponytail, pearl necklace for Veronica, and Archie’s blazing red locks. This costume is great because it can be used for a group, couple, bff’s, or a solo costume.


Minnie and Mickey

This is perfect if you have a pair of Mickey/Minnie ears laying around your house from a childhood visit to one of the iconic parks, and if you’ve never been, ask around! For Minnie, take a red tutu (you can make one with some and red tool) and cut out circles from printer paper and tape them on the skirt. Pair that skirt with a fitted black top, white gloves, black leggings, and bright yellow shoes! For Mickey, same idea just use black pants instead of the skirt!


Grab some black spandex and a black sports bra and pair that with any kind of robe, the silkier the better. This costume is pretty simple, but you have to look tough to sell it, so take some makeup and give yourself a black eye to complete the look!

Courtesy of Meghan Siebenburgen

“It’s Raining Men”

Do you live in an area where you never know what weather the day will bring? Well if you’re in Kansas you probably just nodded your head. This costume is punny AND weather proof! Print out cutouts of your favorite guys, and tape them to a clear umbrella with string and get out your raincoat and rain boots to complete the look!


The Bachelor/Bachelorette

This look is super easy and you’ll definitely be the most fashionable anywhere you are! Dress in your finest suit or more glamorous dress and grab a bright red rose and you’re all set! You can even take more roses to the party and ask people to accept your roses and see how fast they go!


Coffee Shop Rachel from Friends

Every party needs their local barista. Remember when Rachel Green worked at Central Perk? This look is super easy, using things already in your closet! Grab any tight shirt and pair it with a mini skirt and black tights. Try to keep in the neutral color scheme! Add an apron and a coffee mug and you’re all set!

Courtesy of Payton Fenwick


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