Creepin’ It Real

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, most of us have probably experienced something paranormal. If you haven’t, below are some experiences of students that have. So grab a friend and read these stories to give you some chills: 


 “Some girlfriends and I were having a sleepover in seventh grade. We decided to mess around with a Ouija Board. We were all pretty critical that it was fake and assumed one of our friends had to be sliding it to answer the questions correctly. We asked it what our friend’s middle name was, a question we all knew the answer to. When the board spelled “G-r-a-y-c-e” we thought it had messed up. We looked over and our friend had tears in her eyes. She wasn’t touching the board and none of us knew she spelled Grace differently. We started to get curious and felt a little spooked. My friend had the idea to ask it a question none of us would know the answer to. We asked something so random like what’s her stepdads brother’s wife’s job or something. It answered and we called her mom to ask the question. Her answer was the same as the Ouija board. Now we were really spooked. Some friends wanted to stop. I, a spunky 13-year-old, decided I wanted to know my fate. I asked the Ouija board when I would die. My friends thought I was CRAZY. They were scared it would say 16 or something young. The Ouija board said “63”. At 13 I thought “Oh good I’ll die old.” As each year passes I get more worried that I’ll actually die at 63! I mean that’s practically my parent’s age? My parents tell me it isn’t real and not to worry, but regardless – 63 is going to be a terrible year. I’m going to wake up thinking “this is it” every day or be too scared to do anything at all. That was the last time I used a Ouija board.”


“When I was a young teen, my family and I took a family vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. While we were there, we visited the famous Stanley Hotel. We took a ghost tour of the hotel and heard many ghost stories from throughout the years. During our tour, we approached a staircase at the back of a hallway called “The Vortex.” The tour guide said there was a lot of spirit energy circling the staircase. My family and I were toward the back of the group as we started walking up the staircase. The moment my foot hit the stairs I immediately felt like a thousand pounds had hit my body. My shoulders were so heavy, my head felt like it was being pushed in, I could barely keep my eyes open and climbing the stairs felt like an eternity. Once I got to the top of the stairs everything became a blur. My vision cut out and my legs became wobbly. All of a sudden I was hitting bodies as I was stumbling through the tour group unable to control my body. Next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor of the hallway with my family and onlookers towering over me. The tour guide handed me a water bottle and my family helped me up and I tried to brush off the whole experience. To sum it up, I had become so overwhelmed with the spirit energy that I had blacked out. The reason being I believe I’m an empath and have a high sensitivity to spirit energy. I’ve heard other encounters but this was the most memorable for me.”

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“I was sitting in my bed one morning facing my closet (the door was open – bad idea I know!) when I heard a thud. I went to check it out and found flower petals scattered all over the ground. An old basket from a wedding had been up there for years and it had toppled over. Ghost? Probs.”


“I’m not sure if this is really a ghost story but when I was 4-years-old I used to talk to walls and one day after a long conversation with a wall I walked up to my mother and tell her that the baby in her stomach is a boy. She hadn’t even told my dad that she was pregnant yet and turns out that she had a boy. So pretty sure I talked to ghosts or spirits or something.”


“I was sitting outside with a couple of buddies sharing ghost stories specifically talking about the ghost in the old stadium (you could kind of see it from my apartment). All of a sudden the porch door slammed shut and the lights went out. Then my friends went home and I got to sleep alone in my apartment!”


“I got a ouija board for Christmas one year and it’s made by Hasbro so I didn’t think it would really work. My friend came over and we tried it in my dining room (which is pretty close to the front door); we asked for a sign and the doorbell rang. We ran there immediately and there was no one there.”


Hopefully, you didn’t get too scared! If so, go watch an episode of Friends or The Office to distract yourself. Happy spooking!

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