Unspoken Rules of Casual Sex

We get it, hookups happen. If you’re in the market for casual sex, avoid any possible regret, unpreparedness or awkward situations by remembering the 10 commandments of casual sex.


  1. Use protection.

There is nothing casual about having to tell your next sexual partner about your STI.


  1. Avoid staying the night.

If you do stay, don’t stick around for breakfast. Unless there will be waffles at breakfast. Then you can stay.


  1. Keep your expectations low.

In most cases, the person you are hooking up with is not your “forever,” and they don’t owe you anything. Establish boundaries early on to avoid getting your feelings hurt.


  1. Refrain from oversharing about said casual sex.

It will almost always get back to the person you are having sex with. If you’re lucky, they won’t say anything to avoid embarrassment for both parties. If you’re less lucky, they will think you’re a stage-five clinger and cut all ties.

Photo By Meg Shearer
  1. Try not to expect a call or text the next day.

“It’s already noon and ______ hasn’t read my message.” They’ve read it. Don’t double text. Keep it casual.


  1. Don’t have casual sex with someone you like and expect it to turn into a relationship.

Unless you do like them, then you probably shouldn’t be having casual sex in the first place.

Photo By Meg Shearer
  1.  Pack a “shack sack” with makeup wipes, a toothbrush, deodorant, etc.

Having these saving graces handy will help avoid the dreaded “raccoon eyes” or morning breath.


  1. Don’t feel bad about it.

Women enjoy casual sex just as much as men do.


Photo By Meg Shearer


  1. Keep conversation light.

Your casual hookup probably doesn’t need to know the gritty details of your past relationships or the fight you just had with your family.


  1. Warn your roommates.

Shoot ‘em a text, put a sock on the door, establish a secret knock, just don’t bring your hookup home without notifying the people who sleep on the other side of that thin apartment wall.

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