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     Long car rides or walks to class can be made more bearable with the help of podcasts. Podcasts keep me entertained longer than music and allow me to learn and complete another task at the same time. The most entertaining podcasts by far, in my opinion, are true crime podcasts. I’ll admit they make me more likely to check my entire house for intruders, but they never fail to hook my attention.



     One of the first podcasts of its kind, the first season of Serial captured my attention like none other. This story follows the murder of Hae Min Lee and her accused killer, Adnan Syed, in Baltimore in January of 1999. The host, Sarah Koenig, balances the heavy material with wit and humor, never losing your attention. If you want to drop everything to binge a podcast, this is my pick.

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     If you weren’t worried your doctor might botch your surgery on purpose, you definitely will be after listening to this podcast. Based on the horrific story of Christopher Duntsch, a Texas surgeon, and the staggering number of botched surgeries he produced, this listen will make you think twice about the risks of surgery. Interesting, grotesque, and sometimes downright scary, this podcast will engage you and make you think about the dark side of medicine.

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     The podcast that got me hooked on true crime. The story feels less like a podcast and more like an audiobook, with voice actors and sound effects. Based on the story of Debra Newell and the mysterious man she falls for, John Meehan, this listen is perfect for anyone new to the platform.


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    The last recommendation I have is the podcast I recently started listening to. This one revisits Princess Diana’s tragic death and the difficulties she faced leading up to it. Peeling back the layers of her life, it attempts to uncover the real story behind her death. Real telephone calls and interviews are played during the show, giving the listener an intimate glimpse into Diana’s life.

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