10 Must See Halloween Movies

Ahhhh Halloween. The time for pumpkin carving, scary movies, and costumes. It’s the most terrifying time of the year, and it would not be complete without the classic Halloween films we all know and love. Here’s my top ten picks that should be on your watch list–starting with the least scary to most scary! On this list, there is a movie for everyone, no matter the level of horror you’re looking for.


#10- “Halloweentown”

When you think of Halloween, you probably think of blood, gore, and the inevitable horror. But, that’s not what comes to mind when this classic Disney movie comes on the screen. Halloweentown is a movie about Marnie Piper, a 13-year-old witch who helps to protect her town from Halloween’s vilest monsters. As Marnie fights against these supernatural beings with her wise grandmother by her side, she discovers the strength within herself that was there all along. This feel-good film will make you want to curl up on the couch with a piping hot cup of apple cider while you laugh, gasp and possibly shed a tear or two.

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#9- “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

I know what you’re thinking- “I thought this watch list was about Halloween, not Christmas.” Just let me explain. Jack Skellington is tired of gloomy and bleak Halloween Town, so he sets out on an adventure to find something more cheerful and bright, and he happens upon Christmas Town. This simple happy village inspires Jack to create his own Christmas back in Halloween Town. Ghouls, zombies, mummies and ghosts creating their own Christmas… what could go wrong? Enjoy, as Jack and the residents of Halloween Town put their own creepy, frightening spin on Christmas. Deck the halls with Jack-O-Lanterns! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-BOO!

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#8- “Hocus Pocus”

“Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” This timeless film creates the essence of Halloween with humor, suspense and a dysfunctional band of witches. After having been executed in 1693 for practicing witchcraft, the Sanderson sisters are brought back to life on Halloween night by the main character, Max, and his little sister. The sisters only have until the sun rises to retrieve their spell book, but that requires them to hunt down the snot-nosed kids who stole it. These witches will keep you on your toes with every twist and turn to get back what is rightfully theirs. With top notch actresses such as Bette Midler and Sarah-Jessica Parker, this spooky tale should be on everyone’s watch list! 

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#7- “Monster House”

Haven’t you wondered whether or not houses come alive? Absolutely? Well, this is the movie for you. In this twisted animated feature, three young kids find themselves in a sticky situation involving a very hungry, murderous house. Kids go in the house, but they don’t come out. The logical thing to do would be to investigate and venture into the house yourself, risking being EATEN ALIVE, right? Right. Monster House brings imagination to a whole new level along with humor, classic Halloween themes and mystery. Be careful, you may never want to return home again…

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#6-  “Addams Family Values”

Ba-da-da-dum *snap, snap* Ba-da-da-dum *snap, snap* Ba-da… Well you get the idea. “Addams Family Values” brings to life that one family on the block that seems a little eerie and you probably weren’t allowed to enter the proximity of without adult supervision. Morticia and Gomez Addams live with their two children Wednesday and Pugsley. Along with a relative that is an actual hand and a cousin who hasn’t met a razor, plus countless other creatures… errr I mean relatives.This bizarre group gets into all kinds of spooky trouble and will leave you feeling disturbingly satisfied. The Addams’ present the somber mood that is a must-have during this time of the year. Prepare to experience the heebie-jeebies!

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#5- “Scream”

This film will definitely give the paranoid feeling that Halloween brings every year. With a serial killer on the loose who finds fun in calling girls while they are home alone, it will instantly creep you out. You might even…“Scream”.  A teenager named Sidney Prescott is being targeted by a masked killer, perhaps even the same masked killer that murdered her mother the year before. As this killer strikes again and again, detectives try and figure out who he is and how to stop him. This suspenseful, spine-chilling, hair-rising film will make you sleep with one eye open. And remember… don’t answer the phone!

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#4- “Carrie”

This flick is probably the goriest of them all. Seriously, you don’t want to be gorging on your Halloween candy during this one. Carrie White is a social outcast in her high school; she is persistently bullied and ridiculed. Little do the mean girls know, Carrie is not one to be messed with. Carrie has telekinetic powers that can be deadly. The teasing goes too far when Carrie is crowned prom queen as an elaborate and sadistic joke. Instead of an acceptance speech, she decides to get her fatal revenge. With excessive amounts of blood and murder with a vengeance, it will definitely make your skin crawl- in the best way! Scary Carrie should absolutely have a place on your list!

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#3- “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Don’t plan on sleeping after you finish this one. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is just that- a nightmare. It’s the classic horror movie that hits the spot this time of year. I mean, what’s not to like? A creepy man, with knives for hands and a mutilated face, invading your dreams at night and killing recklessly… it’s a fan favorite, really. This spooky 80’s flick brings all the elements of terror right into your living room. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without it. Whatever you do… Don’t. Go. To. Sleep.

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#2- “Friday the 13th”

Camping is a part of all our childhoods. Canoeing, bunk beds, making crafts, and the occasional serial killer or two… It’s just a fun way to spend your summer. Well, not so much for the camp counselors in this film. As they are stalked and murdered by an unknown assassin, the camp they once held so dearly, becomes a crime scene. Watch as these poor teens are hunted and slayed, fighting to make it out alive, if only to warn others of the horror that lurks at Camp Crystal Lake.

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#1- “Halloween”

This one is a pretty obvious choice for the HALLOWEEN movie watch list. And man, does it live up to its name. In this creepy thriller, six-year-old Michael Meyers murders his older sister. Soon after, he is placed into a mental hospital because he seems to have a case of the crazies, obviously. He escapes 15 years later and heads back to his hometown, on none other than Halloween night. As this crazed killer sets out to go on a rampage, police officers and his psychiatrist try and stop him before it’s too late. Trick or treating just got a lot more deadly.

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These are just a few of the frightening films that make Halloween one of the best holidays of the year! I highly recommend partaking in this movie marathon. Get spooked, get terrified, and give yourself inescapable nightmares. Just try not and spill the popcorn, okay?

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