Game of Thrones Mid-Season Recap

Prepare yourself for the end of one of the greatest shows of all time…

DISCLAIMER: Lots of spoilers!! Read at your own risk…

Well, here we are, season 8, episode 3 and only three more episodes until we have to say goodbye to the land of Westeros forever. There is still a whole lot to uncover before we start sobbing as we hear the final words of the beloved characters of “Game of Thrones.”

If you need a little catching up, season 8 so far has had a lot of emotional reunions, family secrets revealed and build-up to this ‘Battle Of Winterfell” (which is exactly what we got to see this past Sunday and oh boy did they do us good).

Jon Snow and his men take on the ‘army of the dead’ lead by the infamous Night King. Leading up to the their encounter on the battlefield, we see swords lit on fire, heads cut off, little girls squeezed to death by massive zombie giants and basically Winterfell taking a huge L. Yet leave it the incredible writers of “Game Of Thrones” to give us that last hope that maybe, just maybe, our team can carry out a win.

When Jon Snow and the Night King finally cross paths, the Night King does his little magic thing and awakens all of the dead, even the super old ancestors of the Stark family that are chilling in the crypts with the mothers and children trying to take shelter from the dead. This is when I thought for sure all of my fave characters like Sansa, Tyrion, Arya, Jon Snow were goners. I mean, I barely have enough energy to walk from Umberger to Eisenhower every day and you’re telling me that these guys have to continue killing the same people they just killed all in the same night?! Yeah, no.


So at this point, Jon is trying to fight off all of these dead zombies again, and Daenerys is sitting pretty while her boy Jorah is battling these suckers one by one. If I were to elect anyone as MVP on this show it would be Jorah. Without him, Daenerys would have died season one. Arya is planning her attack to kill the Night King, and Theon is just trying to redeem himself by being Bran’s bodyguard. We all know that he has a bit of bad luck the past few seasons. Tyrion and Sansa are hiding in the crypts trying to not be killed by one of Sansa’s zombie ancestors. As for everyone else, they are just trying to stay alive.

If we go back to the second episode of the season we are reminded that Jons Snow’s plan was to lure the Night King to Bran, because they both have some type of weird three-eyed raven magical bond. When the Night King finally reaches Bran, Theon springs into action but is sadly met with a very quick death. Just as we think Bran is a dead man, Arya comes out of nowhere and stabs the Night King, which leads to all of his armies breaking into shatter glass and victory is won for Winterfell.

So yeah, that is where we are so far in the final season of what I like to call one of the greatest shows of all time (GOT). We have three episodes left, and a whole other kingdom to win back. But the question still stands — who will take the iron throne? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Winter is here, back and better than ever.

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