The Go-To Makeup Look You Never Knew You Needed

Are you looking for a natural glam look? Well, I’ve got you covered! Here are 8 simple steps to have the perfect look. No worries, this look will look great on any skin tone. Feel free to use products that work best with your skin. Now, let’s get GLAM.

Step 1:

Fill in those brows! If you want them to stand out, use concealer underneath the brow and make sure you blend with a beauty blender.

Step 2:

Once you define your eyebrows, apply primer all over your face, add foundation on top, using your foundation brush.

Step 3:

Apply concealer under the eyes, chin, nose, and forehead and blend with a beauty blender. Setting powder is optional. When done blending the concealer, let your face set with setting powder.

Step 4:

Now let’s work on those eyes. For your transition color, choose a neutral shadow for the eyelid, not the entire eye. Then choose a darker shadow and apply to the crease of the eyelid. Make sure you blend the second shadow good with your blender brush.

Step 5:

If you prefer lashes over mascara or vice versa, use what you are comfortable with. A tip when putting on lashes: use mascara for the bottom row, it will allow them to POP!

Step 6:

(Optional) If you are a contourer then I would contour above jawline and on the forehead.

Step 7:

My favorite part, HIGHLIGHT! Use a soft fluffy brush to drag your highlight along your cheekbone, and add to the tip of your nose and chin.

Step 8:

To complete your perfect natural glam look, apply setting spray so that you have an effortless and long lasting look.  


Whether it’s a night out, a first date or taking on your busy schedule, you’re ready for it all.

Photos By Anna Scarlett


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