5 Essentials for Spring 2019


1. Perfume

Most people associate spring with sweet, fresh, and floral scents. Set your tone for the day with a perfume that matches your style. Great perfumes that can make your presence known may include Eau De Toilette Vanille; sweet but fresh vanilla scented, Pure Grace by Philosophy; a fresh spring shower with a hint a floral scent, and Flower Market by Maison Margiela; a range of sweet flowers like petunias, roses, and lilies.

Eau De Toilette Vanille

Pure Grace

Flower Market



2. Patchwork Denim

Instead of wearing the standard jeans or jean jacket, a great way to spice this up is having patchwork on your denim. Floral patchwork especially screams spring. Another way easy way to incorporate this trend is iron-on patches. You can customize your jeans or denim jackets with various different patches (i.e florals, nature, bands, quotes). This can add an extra element to your outfit to make you stand out.

Free People Embroidered Jeans


3. Hair Accessories

An easy way to make a basic outfit look more trendy this Spring is hair accessories. This can range from a hair scarf complimenting your updo, a fu

n, patterned scrunchie, bright colored beanies, or even those old-school barrettes are making a comeback in fashion.

Free People Scarf Pony

Free People Side Clip

HM Captains Hat



4. Bright Lipstick

Bright and fluorescent colors have been making a huge comeback these past couple months and are projected to be a major influence this spring. If your outfit doesn’t incorporate this trend – incorporate it in your makeup instead. Wearing natural makeup with a bright lip is effortless and a statement. During the daytime, a bright coral lip would be so cute and look great with any skin tone. Switch it up at night time with either a bright red or if you’re feeling daring – a bright fuchsia.

NARS Audacious Lipstick Natalie

NARS Audacious Lipstick Annabella



5. Dainty Jewelry

Taking a basic outfit (such as jeans and a white t-shirt) and bringing it to the next level with dainty jewelry can make you go from 0 to 100 real quick. Some staples that can go with any outfit are chunky hoops and layered necklaces. Both gold and silver are timeless. With more plain shirts that have a normal to high neckline – layered necklaces are best. Shirts that might be lower – chokers are best. This is an easy way to bring your outfit together.

Gold Layered Necklace

Silver Hoops

Silver Layered Necklace


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