Fake Holiday, Real Fun

The big weekend is upon us. Fake Patty’s Day is on Saturday, March 2. It’s one of the best college parties in the nation, and we are lucky enough to have it right here in the Little Apple. The folk tale of how it originated goes as two students who couldn’t be here in Manhattan on St. Patrick’s Day wanted to be able to celebrate the holiday in Manhattan. So, they just celebrated the weekend prior and called it Fake Patty’s Day. Tubby’s Sports Bar and Grill says otherwise, stating that they originally started the fake holiday for the same reason. Either way, the event has grown over the years into what we know today to be a massive party. Fakers from all over the state (and even out of state) travel to Manhattan to join the locals in the festivities. If you are going to partake in the holiday, then you have a few options of what to do. Here are 3 of the typical places fakers tend to gravitate towards, as well as some tips for the day!


House Parties

House parties are the name of the game on Fake Patty’s Day. All across town home owners/renters will be opening their doors to world. Whether it’s a few of your closest friends or a keg rager house parties are a great way to spend your day partaking in the festivities. There’s a few things to expect when you’re at a house party so be prepared for these things to happen.

  • You may not know anyone.

That’s okay. The population of Manhattan nearly doubles on Fake Patty’s Day so expect it not to be the usual people you see around. Draw up a conversation with someone. Compliment their t-shirt. Ask them if they will be your partner in beer pong. Anything casual you can say to make a new friend at the party will help you feel more comfortable. Most people don’t know everyone at the party, so be open to meeting new people and having fun! It’s a fake holiday, but the fun is real!

  • It could get crowded.
  • The line for the bathroom will be long.

 Be polite and courteous to others. Everyone wants the same thing sometimes and it can get frustrating, but as Midwesterners we pride ourselves with the courteous “ope ‘scuse me sorry”. Be patient and kind to others. Jessica may have to pee REALLY badly, but so does everyone else. Wait your turn Jessica.

  • Be respectful of the home you are in.
  • If you need to vomit, DO IT IN THE TOILET OR KITCHEN SINK.

Don’t be that person who throws up in someone’s shower. It makes it so much more difficult for the home owner to clean a shower rather than a toilet or sink. Don’t break, steal, or throw things. Respect the home you are in, because that IS someone’s home and they were nice enough to open it up to you.


The Frats

We all at least have an idea of what to expect at a frat party. If the frat boys aren’t busy running Eighteen63, then they’re probable throwing a party at their own fraternity. I think fraternity parties can get a bad rep sometimes, however, some of them are very organized. It all depends on which one you decide to go to. Usually on Fake Patty’s day Frats will join forces to throw joint parties to help serve the masses. These parties can get extremely large. A few things to keep in mind at frat parties:

  • Keep track of your friends
  • People tend to fight.

Be aware and be careful of what’s going on around you. You don’t want to accidently get caught in a Brad vs. Chad brawl. It might be festive to wear a purple eye-shiner on gameday in Manhattan, but on Fake Patty’s Day, we wear green.

  • “Who do you know here?”
  • As a guy, showing up with girls won’t get you in.

If you’re a girl, you have access to any frat you want to go to. As a boy, if you’re not on the guestlist, you’re not getting in. This may seem harsh but put yourself in their shoes. They can’t have random strangers coming into their home and doing God-knows-what. They are liable for anything that happens on the property. It’s a bummer for decent dudes just looking to have a fun time, but that’s how it goes.

  • Hard alcohol isn’t “officially” allowed. “wink wink”

Fraternities are not supposed to have hard alcohol at their parties. There even officials that sometimes make rounds to each of the houses to make sure of this. They probably won’t have top shelf alcohol, but it’s free so you shouldn’t complain. Since the drinks are free, refrain from the temptation to throw away a half empty drink and get another. Don’t take advantage of the free drinks, Jessica.


The Bars

As for the bar scene, Aggieville is the place to be on Fake Patty’s Day. Every bar is packed as full as the fire marshals will allow. It’s not the typical weekend in the ‘ville that most are used to, where bar-hopping is the name of the game. No, this special made-up holiday requires partyers to purchase wristbands beforehand, in order to enter into the local establishments. In order to save time and trouble, it would be a good idea to acquire a wristband before the big day. The lines will be long; be prepared. However, it can be a nice surprise to make friends while waiting in line. That being said, try to always keep your spirit up and be polite. It’s a (fake) holiday, you never know what new friend you will make! In terms of what bars to go to, that all depends on the person. Each bar in Aggieville has it’s own  qualities that make it special; and all of them will be fun on such a festive day.

 A top pick for the Manhappenin’ team would most certainly be Kite’s Bar and Grill! Kite’s is a great place to spend one’s time on the big day. It has plenty of space for a plethora of people while maintaining its ability to have something for everyone. As you walk in you are welcomed by a long bar with experienced bartenders on your right, and tables to relax on the left (which everyone will need to take advantage of on such a long day of partying). If you focus your eyes just past the bar it’s hard not to see the lucrative dance floor awaiting you. This colorful dance floor, accompanied by a live DJ, is where you will see the most festive fakers dancing and singing all day in Kite’s. Most know exactly what I am talking about (recalling karaoke night at Kite’s during the weeknights). If you are looking for a place to tune out of the dance floors for a spell, then no need to worry because Kite’s has you covered. If you continue walking past the dance-party, you will find another side of Kite’s Bar and Grill, where they have a multitude of tables and chairs surrounding yet another quality bar. This is a great place to have a few drinks and make conversation with those new friends you’ve made. Scenario: If you can’t find anything to talk about with that eye-candy you finally worked up the courage to approach, then just comment on any of the countless K-State memorabilia covering the walls of Kite’s! They have a nostalgic collection of memorabilia that takes any alumni who visits down memory lane. I may seem a tad biased, but on this special occasion, if you have to choose a bar to: buy a wristband for, allocate your time to, spend your money on, then why not choose Kite’s Bar and Grill? It has everything you need, and you won’t regret it! As the faces of establishments in Aggieville have varied through the years, I think there is a reason Kite’s has withstood the test of time.

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