Some Tips on Everyone’s Favorite Thing in Life: Adulting

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Growing up is hard and can be intimidating. Attempting to make the transition into adulthood can be confusing and anxiety inducing. Remembering appointments and trying to navigate through your professional and personal life can be confusing. We came up with a beginners list of adulting 101. Here’s a list of essential adulting things to remember as you make your transition into adulthood!

Land a Job

The first step in adulting is being able to support yourself which means getting a job. Whether you’re a freelance or permanent employee, maintaining your professional life are very import. Here are a few steps to help you out.

Resume and Portfolio

Having a solid resume and portfolio are the first steps to getting your foot in the door at your dream company. Keeping your online presence up can help too! Updating your LinkedIn profile and having professional social media can help you stay connected to your industry, make yourself known and help you gain new contacts. Pro tip: fine-tuning your resume and portfolio for each job and the quality it’s looking for can help you stand out and get that callback!

Know What To Do During An Interview

Knowing how to conduct yourself at an interview is the next step to landing that job. Being able to be conversational and personal while remaining professional is key to a successful interview. Being ready to answer and ask questions as well about  what you can offer the job or client will help your interview go smoothly. Knowing a few facts about the company as well will show your determination and interest.

Dress for the job

First impressions are important. Dressing for the job you want will show your possible employers that you’re ready for the job and aware of its  expectations.


The next step after finding a source of income is managing those funds. While the  recommended saving of 20 percent of your paychecks a month isn’t always possible, there are still little things you can do that can result in big savings! Being financially responsible can save you future headaches and money to  open up more financial opportunities for you.

Remember to file taxes

Taking care of annual finances can easily be forgotten or seem like too much of a hassle to deal with, but ignoring them will cause a huge inconvenience in the future that’s completely avoidable by staying on top them yearly.

Set reminders to pay bills

hese alerts can help you effortlessly take care of bills on time and not risk late fees.


Whether it’s cutting back on buying coffee, eating out or trying to use coupons more often, finding ways to save wherever you can will make all the difference in the long run.

Use budgeting apps to help

Keeping a budget isn’t easy, but you can keep a better hold over your financing by using banking and financial apps. Mint finance, for example, lets you create categories with limits to maintain and show you where your money is going.

Daily Routine

Keeping a daily routine is imperative to having a productive schedule and making the most out of your days! When you know what your day will consist of you can knock out your to-do list with no effort, thus having more time for the fun stuff. Going day to day with no plans and no keeping track of your to-dos can lead to confusion and a hectic schedule, which means more stress for you. Pro Tip: keeping a daily planner can help you schedule out your days, set reminds and make lists all in one place where you will see it!

Keep health in mind

Listen, you can’t adult if you’re not alive and well. That being said, health is wealth. Gone are the days that our parents schedule our annual doc appoints, yes, we have to schedule those ourselves – the ultimate adulting. But all jokes aside, checking in on your physical health is not negotiable. Even taking daily measures like drinking your recommended amount of water, eating our fruits and veggies and getting enough rest are so important.

Self Care and Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Life’s everyday hustle can leave us feeling mentally drained, but we no longer  live in the day and age where we accept that. Taking time to slow down and cater to yourself is so important. Whether it’s skin care nights, working out, indulging in a yummy treat or just taking a break in general, any little things you do to find a little peace is warranted. Although, it’s not just the little things that count. Seeking out a therapist is a great outlet for any life struggles you might be facing. Self care is much more than skin deep so taking time work inward ourselves on ourselves is one of the best and most productive things can do!

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