How to Celebrate Black History Month

Every year it seems like black history month comes and goes and we see the same MLK Jr. quotes posted on Instagram, but black history month should celebrate a much deeper message. Although black history month is coming to an end, celebrating black history can continue all year long. If you’re not sure how to celebrate, here’s a quick list of ways you can celebrate black history and black culture this February, and all year long!



Supporting passionate black business owners is a great way to contribute the black community and entrepreneurs. One of the best forms of support you can give anyone (especially a business owner) is economical support. Finding local black owned businesses help keep businesses alive.

Research and Support Black Movements and Activist

Black activists work year round to seek justice and improvements in not only the black community, but society in general. Unfortunately, messages and causes can get confused and twisted by society’s noise. You can celebrate and support black history and future by taking the time to understand and support the causes being lead by black revolutionaries of today.  Need some black nonprofits to support and learn about? Here a list:

-Black Lives Matter

-Trans Women of Color Collective

-Black Women’s Blueprint


Engage in Black Art

Black art and artists have created and influenced some of the biggest genres of music, art movements, fashion trends and more in the world. Through art, black artists have captured and depicted hardships and celebrations within the black community. Supporting black art is supporting the culture! Here’s a list of ways you can celebrate the black arts:

  • Visit an art show by a black artist.
  • Attend a local black musicians concert.
  • Watch a movie or TV Show with a black director and cast.
  • Read black poetry and literature.
  • Attend a black comedy show.
  • Listen to blues and hip hop.

Relearn Black History

It’s no doubt that much of black history has been left out of our mainstream consciousness and history books. Relearning history by learning accounts from black historians and teachers can help add context to today’s social and political climate. Exploring the unsung black heroes and pioneers is a great way to learn about black contributions to society and culture.

Do You Exercise Due Diligence?

Think about your place in society, then think about what you can do to help move us forward. Whether it is unlearning social prejudices, calling out friends and family on their ill notions, or supporting black nonprofits, we can all contribute to celebrating black history by denying our society of the social prejudices it has become so comfortable with. By being active agents of progression, we can aid black history.

Celebrate All Year!

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