How To Be Your Own Valentine

I still remember the name of the boy who gave me a valentine in second grade with a heart-shaped piece of candy and the words “I like you” written beside it. I wish it was still socially acceptable for grown men to do this, but oh well, I guess my days of passing notes and planning first hugs are forever over.

These days I’d say many of us single people try to avoid Valentine’s day at all costs. I mean what is the point if you don’t have a boo, right?

Well, I thought the same thing too for a while until I realized that I could be my own boo! Who says I can’t have a good Valentines day being single AF?! This year I am living in the wise words of Tom Haverford, “treat yo self!”. So I have compiled a list of some ideas to get you started on having the best February 14th you’ve had yet.

Sleep In!

What better way to start off your day of self-indulgence than not having to hear the awful sound of your alarm clock. Hit the snooze button and get back to peaceful dreamin’.

Eat Whatever the Heck You Want!

This is your day which means your rules, so whether it be an entire chocolate box all to yourself or avocado toast with everything on it, indulge in any and every guilty pleasure you may please.

Dress to Impress (yourself!)

Put on those jeans that fit in all the right places, your favorite shirt and own it! Your confidence will sure be on Beyonce level and you will look like a million bucks all day long.

Remind and Reflect

Photo By- Sydney Ralston

Spend the day reminding yourself just how amazing and beautiful you are. Positive affirmations work wonders, so grab that pen and paper and list all the things that make you a freakin’ catch.

Take Yourself On a Date

Going to the movies alone is surprisingly very liberating. Plus you could get the biggest popcorn with as much butter as you please, why? Cause it’s all yours baby!

Take a Selfie

While you’re all dolled up and feelin’ your best why not capture your full self-loving essence in a bomb selfie for all to see. Nothing says empowered and beautiful than a big smile, plus a few insta comments from the besties always makes a person feel good, amiright?


Finish your “treat yo self!” day with a long hot shower and your favorite face mask. You will feel revitalized and your skin will thank you later.

So whether or not you’re riding solo this valentines day or not be sure to take some time out of your day to appreciate and send some love to your day one valentine, yourself.

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