Netflix Shows You Need To Be Watching

You ever see those Facebook posts, or Instagram stickers that ask “What are some good shows on Netflix?”, or are you the one who asks? Well, look no further! Here’s some of Netflix’s’ latest hits that’ll keep your eyes glued and your popcorn poppin’.


Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes:

These tapes cover the old footage and audio of one of America’s most infamous serial killers, Ted Bundy. It consists of present day interviews relating back to his life, ultimately leading up to his trial and death. This show is for those who constantly watch conspiracy and mystery videos on YouTube (myself included), and never get tired of it. This four episode series really makes you think, but keeps you so intrigued you’ll want even more.

Photo By Kate Torline
Photo By Kate Torline

Lost In Space:

This science fiction drama series is definitely one you’ll want to make some time for. Each episode is about an hour long, but worth every minute. With the human race facing life-threatening changes they are forced to abort to space and colonize a star system. The Robinson family, who’s spaceship makes its way off course, ultimately faces challenges they never saw coming. They come across many beings, and self demons as they learn to work together in survival mode to make their way back.  


Grace and Frankie:

This fan favorite might be more relatable than one would think. Two women don’t find themselves having anything in common until they realized they did. Both of their husbands left them, but for each other. Over this life altering experience, they bond and become the best of friends whether they would like to admit it or not.



This classic was almost taken away from us, but thankfully we get to keep this popular show on Netflix even longer! If you haven’t stayed up watching friends reruns on Nick-At-Nite, then you did it all wrong. Thankfully, you have the chance to make up for it now. The infamous friend group that does it all-together, alone, with lovers, ex’s, and even a kid? This show is more relatable than we think, and ultimately, what we all want in a group of friends. People we love, can trust, and see as our second family.



OMG! Are just three letters to describe this show. This story is based on a man who becomes obsessed with the girl he “loves”. Ultimately that obsession then leads to jealousy, lies, and even death. This show helps portray how what we consider love can sometimes lead to hurt. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat with constant jaw-dropping moments and gasps. Make sure to watch this with a buddy, and if not, then daylight might be another alternative. Lonely Boy turns Stalker Boy for all you fellow Gossip Girl lovers.

Photo By Kate Torline

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo:

Need help with some spring cleaning, or just organizing your life in general? I think Marie Kondo has you set with one of Netflix’s current fan favorites. It appears to be her mission to help those who feel they can’t help themselves when it comes to decluttering their space. Being organized helps one feel at peace with their life, which is ultimately the whole point of the show. To give viewers tips and tricks when it comes to being more organized, and bringing more joy to their lives. So give this one a watch if you’re ever feeling inspired, or even when you’re feeling unmotivated. I think this show oughta do the trick.


The Greatest British Baking Show:

Who doesn’t love a good show based on cooking, let alone baking? This show is good any time of day or year. We all know it’s satisfying to watch the process of cooking and baking. I mean look at how many TASTY videos you have probably shared on Facebook in the past year. There is also some competition, which makes the show even more intriguing. As humans, we love competition whether we’d like to admit it or not. So, if you’re looking for something chill, yet intense to watch, then I think this might be your pick.


Black Mirror:

This show is so interesting, so accurate, yet so unbelievable and twisted that your mind will spin out of control trying to grasp the concept. Full of past, present, and future scenarios of how life was, is, and could be like. No two episodes are the same, and that’s what people seem to like about it. Each episode consists of something so crazy, but so believable with our technology today. It’s purpose is to push the limits and point out the uneasiness of the modern world, while really making you think while you’re on the edge of your seat, or even covering your eyes like me at times. Even though this show seems too hardcore, it’s actually so informational in a way that really makes us think about how we’re living our lives today. I don’t think you’ll regret this one.

Photo By Kate Torline

Queer Eye:

On a lighter note, this show will make you fall in love. Five gay men, who each have a specific purpose on the show, help other men feel better about themselves, upping their confidence and attitude towards life. Whether that’s: doing a home renovation, upping their style game, finding their purpose in life, learning new recipes, or ultimately a self makeover to make them feel confident again. I’m telling the truth when I say I smiled the majority of the time watching this. Laughter, joy, excitement, all words that help describe this show and its purpose. Sometimes there’s even some tear jerker moments, but it all works out perfectly in the end.


There is obviously a plethora of other shows available to watch on Netflix, but these are just a few fan favorites at the moment. Don’t be afraid to start a show you don’t think you’d like. Just get some popcorn, a cozy blanket, and start one. You may be surprised!

Photo By Kate Torline

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