Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch the Superbowl

Graphic By Hannah Greer

All across Kansas the hopes and dreams of Kansas City Chiefs fans were crushed by the flip of a coin in the unjust demonstration of NFL overtime. Kansans had cheered and dreamed of the Super Bowl as Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs towards glory. For once, fans would have been watching the Super Bowl for more than just the commercials. They made it to the AFC Championship game where they devastatingly lost to the Patriots in overtime


As a person who stands for justice and in mourning of the Chief’s (let us be honest, all of Kansas’s) loss, here are things that I would rather do than watch the Super Bowl that the Chiefs are not playing in.


Run a marathon without any training

  • I hate running

Go to a Super Bowl party… to eat the snacks

  • It’s hard to say no to free food, especially on Sunday night when dorm cafeterias are closed.

Make a controversial statement at a family gathering

  • Who says awkward family conversations can only happen over the holidays?

Give blood

  • I mean… It’s for a good cause.

Paint the letters on Manhattan hill

  • The once white block letters were mysteriously painted purple this school year, it’s time for them to go back.


  • Procrastination at its finest; it is Sunday night and I have not done any homework over the weekend.

Let us mourn together, what was taken from us by unfair rules, referees and football teams who apparently are not satisfied by going to four of the last five Super Bowls. #ChiefsKingdom we’ll get’em next year! As for now, let’ go Rams!


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