Miss Black and Gold

“I will use my platform to encourage other women here on campus and also shed light on the topic of diversity on this campus and spark more conversation,” said Miss Black and Gold winner, Daijah Jones.

Photo By- Kedric Elmore
Photo By- Kedric Elmore

The Miss Black and Gold Pageant hosted by the Kappa Tau chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha celebrated its 20th year. Opening up with an introduction like a Grammy’s show and allowing every attendant to feel like a star. Themed after the Ocean’s 8 film, the pageant “Ocean’s 10” consisted of 10 girls representing organizations from all across the campus.
Black Beauty and Golden Elegance was the theme of the very first pageant hosted by the Kappa Tau chapter and that was the inspiration and theme for this year.
The girls were scored based on Grade Point Average, Ticket Sales, Career and Personal Introductions, Talent and overall confidence throughout the show.

Photo By- Kedric Elmore
Photo By- Kedric Elmore

For career wear portion many of the young ladies showcased the standard career wear of black pants and a button up. The girls’ majors ranged from finance to education but one of the majors that connected personally to one of the contestants was Ramsey Brown, who had a speech impediment growing up. “Numerous amounts of therapy and the improvement of my speech inspired me to become a speech pathologist,” said Brown during her personal Introduction.
For the Talent portion, many of the ladies presented a plethora of talents. Jazmine Johnson danced to Ring the alarm and Ella Cobbs wrote a poem about her upbringing and acceptance of who she was as a biracial woman. While each girls talent was true to themselves the star of the night was Daijah Jones who shared an original piece called “I’m Frustrated.”

Photo By- Kedric Elmore

Jones commanded the room as she spoke on her experiences at K-State. Throughout the crowd cheers were heard as well as the “poetry slam” snaps. Many were so moved and connected that people even yelled with encouragement “Go head sis, speak on OUR experiences.”
As the talent portion rounded out the girls sported their swimwear to showcase their confidence. Each girl gave face, attitude and walks that could compete with those seen on runway shows.
The last event of the night was the question portion, as the girls were escorted out of the venue, the hosts announced the question to the crowd. “Today, December 1 is World Aids Day, the theme is ‘Know Your Status,’ if crowned Miss Black and Gold, how would you use your platform to bring greater awareness to World Aids Day?”

Photo By- Kedric Elmore
Photo By- Kedric Elmore

Some of the girls found themselves stumped but who wouldn’t be with such an unexpected question? Most of the girls referenced setting an example and getting checked, while a few should’ve just answered with “World Peace.”
By the end of the night the crowd was just ready for the results and so were the contestants. As Emma Owens says goodbye to her role as the 2017 Miss Black and Gold she says goodbye as they prepare to announce the winners.
Taking home third place and the title of Miss Black, Malia Crawford, second place Miss Gold, Ramsey Brown and the winner of the night, Miss Black and Gold, Daijah Jones.
Tears ran down the faces of the surprise winners. Later when asked how she felt,
Brown responded, “ It doesn’t feel real yet, I’m still in shock but I am so honored to hold this title.”

Photo By- Kedric Elmore


GPA – Malia Crawford
Souvenir Book – Jazmine Johnson
Career Wear and Personal Intro – Ramsey Brown
Swimwear – Jazmine Johnson
Miss Talent – Daijah Jones
Miss Elegance formal wear- Mikaela Abernathy
Miss Dedication came to all practices – Daijah Jones
Miss Diligence sold tickets – Tyara Moore
Miss Sisterhood voted on by contestants – Mikalea Abernathy

Miss Black third highest score $500 book scholarship – Malia Crawford
Miss Gold $600 book scholarship – Ramsey Brown
Miss Black & Gold $1000 book scholarship – Daijah Jones

Daijah Jones not only won the overall title but the talent portion as well, her passionate poem is below.

“Let me just take this opportunity to tell you I’m frustrated
Frustrated not because of class or grades
Which should be the only reason I’m frustrated right
But they’re not
I’m frustrated because it’s 2018
Yea I hear stories about the lynching of a young teen
And the words “they lynched my baby” echo in my ear
And I think to myself
What if that had been me
And it’s sad because I should just have to focus on my school work
Just be worried about getting through the semester with a high GPA
But as a person of color at a PWI
That’s never the only thing you have to worry about
Here we deal with ignorance¨ oppression¨ blackface¨ unequal treatment¨ dehumanization¨
It’s as if they wrote a guidebook on how to deal with Black people on a college campus
Step 1∫ treat them with no respect
Step 2∫ assume every black person you cross paths with is here because of an athletic
Scholarship or mandatory quotas
Step 3∫ look at the black person in the room every time the subject of race is brought up just to see their reaction
Step 4∫ assume that racism is dead and that black people are just overreacting
And Step 5∫ repeat steps 1 through 4 in any order you wish
Don’t try to tell me racism is an issue we don’t face any more
Because here in America there is nothing more prominent
You think it ended with slavery
Well I got news for you
It’s definitely still here¨ and definitely still impacting the black community every day
Poverty¨ education¨ incarceration¨ employment¨ unfair sentencing¨ voter suppression¨ housing¨
Healthcare¨ police brutality
The list seems infinite
All just because of the color of our skin
Being here and simply existing as a black person in America
Makes you a threat to anyone who believes that you are something to fear
Something to despise
That’s why they treat us this way
As if that’s justification enough
And It’s frustrating
Frustrating because
There’s not enough being said
Not enough being done
The problems we got going on aren’t just made up in our head
These are problems I face every day
Problems you face every day
Problems WE face every day
And it frustrating
But here we are bragging about diversity
Bragging About Inclusivity
Bragging About Acceptance
Bragging About Equal Opportunity
Bragging About Family
Well I don’t know about yall but THIS “family” has a lot to work on
Cuz this ain’t no family I want to be a part of.”

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