Style Tips for Guys Who Don’t Know What They’re Doing

Developing your style is like playing a game, and at times it can seem overwhelming. You don’t want to look dumb, you want to be comfortable, and you want to know all the rules. You want to know if there even are rules in this fashion game (there are), but the beauty is you don’t need to know all of them to play. I’m going to do my best to show you a whole new world, one where you look fresher than the produce section. Here are 5 ways you can up your look:


Buy Clothes that Fit

I know this sounds obvious, but with how many of you I see wearing clothes that are swallowing you whole or clothes that fit like you got it for your 8th birthday, I figured this needed to be said. You want clothes that are in the Goldilocks region of fit. Not too tight, but not too loose. Get shirts that have sleeves that fall at your mid-bicep, not your elbow, your pants should stay on your body without needing a belt and try to go for a slimmer fit in the leg. I know that skinny jeans have had some bad rep, but hear me out, a slim leg will not kill you or cause you to go infertile due to blood flow restriction.

Try it on at the store.

The fashion industry is not standardized, you may be a medium at one store and an XL at another. Vanity sizing has made shopping incredibly difficult for everyone and it won’t go away anytime soon. Once you get comfortable with certain stores you may have more faith in them but better safe than sorry I say.

Wear colors that complement each other

Say it with me, complementary colors, not matching. You’re not a power ranger you do not need to be dressed in red from head to toe. This doesn’t mean you can’t have some pieces of your fit that match, some matching is great but there can be too much of a good thing. If you stick to neutral colors chances are that you’ll be fine.

Layers are your friend

Like ogres and onions, clothing can have layers. Layering is an easy way to bring up your style without having to try. The hardest parts of layering are color and patterns. You don’t want to have too many patterns because it will be too busy and you’ll look bad, and for similar reasons, you don’t want to have clashing colors. With Winter right around the corner layering will keep you looking cool while staying cozy. Casual button-up shirts are perfect for this, flannels are a great example. Put a jacket on over that and, baby, you got a fit going.

Imitate people you think dress well

Crazy, I know, but there are people in the world that dress in a way that you like and if you try to emulate them you will most likely dress in a way that you find appealing. Follow people on Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you like to waste your time and try to copy looks that you like. It’ll give you good practice for how to compose a fit, as well as give you some insight as to what styles you like in general.

In closing, don’t be afraid of fashion, it’s something to have fun with not to stress over. These are just some ways to help you be the fashion icon that’s always been inside of you. Now get out there and break some necks.

Photos By- Kate Torline

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