How to Accessorize Scarves

Looking for a simple way to accessorize your look? Thanks to this Parisian style, adding flair to any ensemble has been made easy. Silk scarves are the perfect way to bring your outfit to the next level, and there are infinite ways to do so. Who knew that a staple of our grandmothers could be so trendy?


Perhaps the most common and simple way to rock a scarf is by working it into a hairstyle! There are plenty of creative ways, but some of our favorites include tying it around a pony or bun, tying it as a headband, or even weaving it into a braid.

Ways to Wear in Hair:

  • Braid it in
  • Around ponytail
  • Around bun
  • As actual headband


One way to make your backpack stand out from the crowd is to tie on a boldly patterned scarf. However, backpacks aren’t the only option. Try showing off your favorite silk scarf by knotting it around the strap of your everyday purse. This is the perfect touch to channel your inner Parisian chic!

Ways to Wear with Bags:

  • On backpack
  • Tie around purse
  • Wrap around strap and tie


A boring outfit can be made your own with the addition of a silk scarf. There are endless ways to add personality to your look, and adding your own unique touch can take it to the next level. A flight attendant chic look is achieved by tying the scarf as a necktie, or it even can be tied bandana style. A small scarf can be tied into a knot around a belt loop for an accent piece. Using a larger scarf, you can give your favorite jeans a boost by making a belt. For an even more unique twist, tie two scarves together to form your own stylish belt.

Ways to Wear around Neck:

  • Bandana style
  • Flight attendant style

Ways to Wear as a Belt:

  • Small loop
  • Longer scarf for full belt
  • Tie/Twist two scarves together

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