Spooky Makeup Looks

Needing some last minute makeup ideas that’ll help you slay this Halloween? Check out these spooky looks that you can pair with any outfit to create the perfect costume this year.

First look: Melting Skeleton

For all three of the looks make sure skin is clean and primed.
First, start by filling in as well as concealing and setting your eyebrows. After setting your brow, move onto eyeshadow, which you can choose whatever shade you want. Then apply eyelashes if necessary. Next, outline the rest of your face for the skeleton with a white paint. Once that is done, lay down your eyebrow with a glow stick of your choice. Go over the eyebrow several times with the glue stick to ensure that the eyebrow is very slick down. After that, outline your eye with a huge black circle and fill in the entire circle with black paint. Next, do the same to your nose but instead of a circle, you will create a triangle. After that, move to your mouth where you will create teeth with white and black paint strokes, drawing them up and down to create the image you are wanting for skeleton teeth. The final step is using a dropper to drip foundation onto the side of your skeleton so that it looks like your skin is melting onto the skeleton. That’s it!

Caution: the foundation will drip all over so be very careful not to put too much foundation! As always set your look with some setting spray of your choice and you are all done!

Second look: Queen of Hearts

For the second look, start the exact same way you did in the first look – to preserve time, you can not wipe off the makeup on your eye from the first look and use it for your second look.

Next, add a smokey eye affect to your eye and make sure it’s very crisp and then finish it off with a false lash. Before moving onto the next part, do a simple layer of foundation over the entire face, including gluing down your opposite eyebrow that you have not filled in. Once this is done, set the face with a setting powder of your choice. Then it’s time to move onto adding the fake latex or false skin to your face. On the eye with no makeup, create a heart shaped layer of skin around your eye to create that queen of hearts look! You’ll need to do several layers of this fake latex or false skin in order for it to be realistic looking and so you can cut it open and make it look like it has blood coming out of it. Move to the bottom of your face on the opposite side and create several layers of fake skin in this area. Then move down to your neck – in three different areas – apply the fake skin and allow for it to dry so that you are able to apply several layers. Next, cut out several queen of hearts cards and place them in the wet fake skin areas so that it dries onto your face and neck. Once the fake skin has dried and the cards are placed on neck and face, apply the fake blood. I used a sponge to apply the blood all over and then I had a spray bottle that I filled with fake blood to top it off – it adds a more dramatic affect.  Then, draw the top and bottom part of a heart with red Matte lipstick on your top lip as well as your bottom lip, so that when you close your lips, it forms a full heart. Once this is done, your look is complete!

Set your face with a good setting spray of your choosing.

Third look: Cute Evil Pumpkin

For the third and final look, start off similar to the previous looks by adding foundation and setting and filling your eyebrows.
For this look, you are going to want more of an orange smoky eye because it is a pumpkin look. After creating the orange smoky eye, I recommend adding fake lashes to complete the look. Then move to the other side of your face and create an unsymmetrical black line around the remainder of the face to create the illusion that the remainder of our face is an evil pumpkin. Before moving forward, make sure to glue down your opposite eyebrow to ensure that it is completely slicked down. Then get orange paint and fill in the rest of your face with that paint. Allow a few minutes for the orange paint to dry, and then apply a few more layers of the paint. Once paint is completely dry, dust over the entire side of your face with an orange eyeshadow to set the paint in place. Then draw small black lines every inch or so to create the illusion of pumpkin lines. Next, move onto your mouth and outline your lips with black paint and stretch the black paint all the way to both sides of your cheeks. Then fill in your lips with black paint or a black matte lipstick. Once this is complete, set the black lines and lips with black eyeshadow. Next, draw lines down your mouth to create the illusion that your mouth is tied shut with string. Feel free to extend the look down to your neck or leave it just on your face. If you choose to extend the look on your face to your neck, simply follow the same instructions starting with the orange paint until this step. I decided to add a little bit of glitter just to make the look a little more girly and fun! The glitter is totally optional, though.
As always, make sure to set your look with a good setting spray of your choice.

Hope you enjoy the looks and have a fun and safe Halloween!

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